Hell is a State of Mind

Hell is a State of Mind

Earth Man Open and Closed state of mind by Dying In Downey.
June 30, 2010
Misery is a choice to feed,
or not. The mind is self manipulated for positive or negative conditioning. The ‘karma of mind’ is to react to what it’s fed in kind. Being positive, negative or whatever is a learned conditioning and becomes like a ‘hamster’ in his revolving spinning cage going no where. The ‘state of mind’ is a quality of thinking and being that becomes almost ‘hard wired’ as a serial habit of conduct.

Feeding your misery relentlessly is only to give it food to continue. Like- wise feeding the positive makes the positive more hungry for the same. Remain aloof, apathetic, unconcerned about ‘misery thinking’ as giving it attention is to merely feed it’s growth. Slowly give negative thinking less and less attention to see it’s influence begin to become smaller and smaller. Substitute positive being and actions as the negative fades away.

Magnify the positive! Attention is food!  Anything you pay attention to grows. Pay attention to the garden eliminating the weeds while nourishing it with sunlight, water and fertilized, and it grows beautifully.  Neglect it or be apathetic to it and the negative weeds proliferate.  Condition yourself to distance from the negative. Develop personal techniques to measure your success with becoming more and more positive. Feed with paying attention and using discernment to make higher choices.

The world is a kaleidoscope of colors and viewpoints. Doing my ‘free speech displays’ in public, there have been many amusing moments. One recurring one is when two people step up independent of each other to remark. One has read the message as I meant it to be while the other often is angry at what they read, and is in a judgment that has nothing to do where I was coming from. My observation is that likely the ‘negative reaction’ is symptomatic of many layers of negativity of numerous things that have actually been so embedded as to become the ‘false self’ of the person.

We become prisoners of negative thinking and actions, or free to be a creative, positive, loving individual. It’s all in the application of techniques to rise above the madness of the cacophony of dissonance in the world and especially, within.

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