Pump Up Love

Pump Up Love

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June 29, 2010
Increasing love in one is simple! Truth be known, few people either almost never feel love, or don’t know how to call it up to feel it. Nourishing ones appetites through self serving sex, feel good acquisitions, alcohol and substance abuse, are never more than a ‘bandaid’ that has little or nothing to do with love. Ignoring the natural, healthy ways to create and bolster self love can never unleash the love all have within. It seems that the majority in America are now medicated unnecessarily even if it’s on ‘sleeping pills! Medications, whether they be psychological beliefs, or physical, stunt all natural growth of love. Even being with those who are handicapping themselves with love deterrents have effects on the innocent like 2nd hand smoke does!

Love often hides from all abuses when not given positive encouragement. It’s not uncommon to go about everyday living, thinking little about love missing in one’s life while reaching for placebos of pseudo love wherever available as one strokes the imagination to fill the void of the real thing. There is no quick ‘aspirin cure’ for avoiding love, and assuming brief moments of joy among the dark clouds is a solution to cure it’s lack, is dreaming.

To ‘pump up love’, be in the moment. The past and the future are in the imagination, and most often a barrier to feeling the love of the moment. Let go of all but the moment, but stay relaxed while being aware of the now. There must be moments in ones day where all is forgotten and an aura of inner emptiness is allowed to fill ones being. That emptiness heals as it refreshes and ultimately can become ones very essence. Meditation or the giving from the heart activates the feeling of love.

Breathing with awareness into a relaxed state energizes love from within. Whether alone or in the loving embrace of another, the invisible energy of love silently fills whatever void there might be. No drug or outside force is as natural and lasting as the ‘breath of love’ that is available to anyone. That inner bliss with awareness in the moment, opens the senses to all positive views and experiences of life. Like an outfielder in baseball running to catch a high hit ball, nothing is on the mind but the moment.

Love is in the air, it is the air, slowly breathed in with awareness, creating an alertness of the moment. Ones being in ‘wholeness’ is being in love of self. In your wholeness you are perfect, and a deep contentment comes. It becomes a climate around you.

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