Invisible Condums

Invisible Condums
337/365 – INVISIBLE MAN by Arieseffects.
June 1, 2010
There is an infinite market for the invisible! Religion is the biggest business in the world with mysteries to sell, many of which couldn’t be proven until lately. With modern technology, we could have an invisible covering with perfect sensitivity for the penis (condom). Those who don’t seek scientific verification will be believers taking what feels good on ‘good faith’. Millions will believe the condom salesmen because it relieves them of responsibility, and feels comfortable.

With incredible technological advancements such as tiny video cameras, computers, devises to check authenticity, advancing means to validate or disprove assertions, etc., truths are much more easily verified. False information has plagued all societies down to families and couples. Be it politics, religion or business, fraud and deception have been, and still are common place, but things are changing.  Technology is at the forefront often creating that positive change with a growing minority of people who seek truth. DNA samples have come into popular usage in many countries to weed out wrong judgments, and protecting the innocent.

We are born from ‘invisible sources to the eye’ into visible beings that are led by mysterious, thoughts of belief and faith as well as a belief of an invisible and unverifiable  paradise that awaits the minority who follow ancient dogma of over 300 religions. All religions are ‘knockoffs’ of predecessors from ancient times all the way back to the caveman who took centuries or millenniums to communicate fears and insecurities into words. Well meaning or not, the more learned gradually formed groups of listeners to their version of life using imaginary mythical icons or ‘godlike’ men to better relate to the masses through ‘trust’. The key was believing what was said to them as some of it made sense.

Masters of ‘word spinning’ became popular as long as there were messages of conduct that felt like common sense.  Introduced into that common sense were ‘stories, fables, and allegories to make the message more ‘personal’.  The ‘real wise’ moved in different circles preferring authenticity of their personal proof of what was conveyed. Only the highly intelligent could relate to them, leaving the masses to those of ‘pseudo wisdom’, and the need to find a means of survival. Sheeple were, and continue to be, more than plentiful.

Now through technology, and the spread of greater intelligence resulting in growing, scientific, objective analysis, what was believed to be true is often now exposed as false.  The ‘condom’ over the past is disappearing as the ‘lights of truth’ come on more and more. Scientists of religion have exposed the fables and myths that have been a dark veil over humanity, however, because of fears, insecurities, and the resistance to let go of ‘blankets of belief’, the awakening into the splendors of the real truth is still in the ‘oxcart age’.  The masses are like aboriginals first sighting of a plane – fear, ignorance, and denial prevail.  ‘Wrong invisible’ is only canceled by ‘seeing’ the ’right invisible’ in the form of love and awareness with the ability to discern truth.

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