Knucklehead ‘Gap’

Maxwell's Silver Hammer by John of Dublin
March 11, 2010
People who’ve seen solutions of a better way but don’t rectify their problems are, at best, ‘knuckleheads’.   ‘Better behavior’ modification is but a mental precept that satisfies the knucklehead’s ego to say, ‘they know and will work on it’. I became more acutely aware of this phenomenon a few years ago when I began writing what amounts to suggestions for a more blissful life.  Many avid readers year after year made no observable changes but just seemed to enjoy reading as if it was entertainment rather than fuel for ‘innertainment’ to grow to a more loving being.

Sisyphus, in Homer’s Illiad,attempted to push a giant boulder up the hill, which seems to personify ‘moving a knucklehead’ off their perch of comfort of maintaining the bad habits they have grown accustomed to. This amazing being doesn’t even do more than touch the ‘boulder’, let alone push it ‘away’.  Relentless ‘hammering’ in even tactful ways meets with the resistance of moving a dead elephant.  They are clearly addicted to being too lazy to take charge of being a better person.

This common type actually marries another knucklehead to battle for life or divorce and find another one to likely participate in mutual abuse.  The ‘gap’ between having the answer and ‘walking the talk’ of the new information is filled with every bad habit imaginable from illegal and legal drug addictions, belief systems that have been proven ‘false’, to a lack of empathy for communicating adequately with the other person.

Below the ‘knucklehead’ is the ‘nincompoop’ who never comes across better ideas for improving their daily life but like the ‘pig squealing and splashing in the mud’ never gives self improvement a thought beyond defending his behavior.  Make a compassionate exit to the door if your partnered to one of ‘these’ and stay alone ‘til finding one who takes responsibility for loving themselves.  Good luck, we’re still living in a world of mainly ‘knuckleheads’.  Love them but not too seriously!

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