Guru Love

February 25, 2010
Mothers are Guru’s to the newborn. Good ones, great ones, or troubled ones but, guru’s of love for the innocent child never the less.  I was raised by a ‘single, teenage, high school dropout mother’ the first two years. She was from the same town where they filmed ‘The Officer & Gentleman’ starring Richard Gere (ironically across the street from where my center is now). Dad was a Naval Officer similar to that in the movie filmed here and, was away those first 2 years. ‘Guru love’ has nothing to do with status or education.

Later when kids become adults, the effects become apparent. Never does one need to stay ‘molded’ to some dysfunctional love from a parent but, few seem to be open to rising above the unclaimed issues that become hardwired if not ‘unattached’ from. Unrepaired love moves through infinite generations of beleaguered souls.  Male and female are blinded from knowing real love but settle for some form of ‘functional’ love to struggle through life’s consequent turmoils.  Busyness with outer endeavors for survival, children and, all kinds of commitments, pile up to bury any attention to one’s personal evolvement.

When two people merge with ‘unfixed’ issues, love will never reach an ‘unconditional’ state without a mutual focus of seeing and acting through and beyond the fixed issues.  Each person is ‘perfect’ as much as a human can be but, they either can’t see that or, circumstances may cloud the perfection. If one partner truly loves themselves, they can see the others struggle but, can also see them in their perfection.  The ‘struggling partner’ must be willing to cooperate in the relationship to reach for higher love at all points.  Both partners are always equal in love but rarely do two people acknowledge that.  There is no higher and lower, only some kind of ‘darkness’ where the light doesn’t shine to see the truth. It’s not about ‘changing one’ but, uncovering the attached to falseness.

At this stage of life, the female can rarely elevate a male in lower ‘self love’ to a higher place that she is in.  It’s very important for a female seeking a ‘real, unconditional love affair’ to find a male who is in that place already and, be open to uncover obstacles.  With few exceptions, females rise in a coupling, males slip with other interests followed by the female then stopping her full expressions of love. Love must be the ‘guru’ to meet and bond with.  A male already bonding with that may pull up his mate but, very unlikely the other way around. Females are good at receiving as long as the male is good at giving and, in a strong self love place.  Freedom in a coupling only happens in a space of unconditional mutual love. Arhata

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