Unwavering Trust

downloadTrust existence. Trust who you are closest to, being in total sensitivity and, compassion for their best wants, wishes and needs. Trusting another when you set up the parameters for what trust means, regardless of the other, is a one sided manufactured trust. Words can be cheapened by just coming from the mind with the exclusion of the full hearts participation.

‘Trust’ is a big word on Wall St. and signifies a ‘handshake’ of safety from broken agreements. In the far more important personal life, a ‘wall’ sometimes is raised were trust is ‘bandied around’ to be used as a ‘carte blanche’ means to do whatever one wants as long as one isn’t caught and not able to cover a deed up with lies of deceitful trust. Trust on a personal level is an ‘energy of love’ that bonds two people to a relaxed state of not having to question one’s senses. Trust on a verbal level likely differs from one of the heart. A baby doesn’t have to think about trusting his mother, father or, a friendly face, they just innocently assume. Adults need more that assumption if the open communication isn’t there.

Trust opens the door to the meeting of hearts. In the best cases, it continues even if the relationship changes. Trust in full bloom is unconditional and filled with agreements between each other in a sensitive way. Lowering the bar of trust is often overlooked where communication or, the omission thereof, slides into careless assumptions reflecting lack of self awareness and self trust. With no trust or pseudo trust, life is surreptitiously compromised to ultimately create pain and future distrust.

First, learn to trust and love yourself then, learn to accept and, trust another as they are, but that does not mean that one should want them to remain as they are. Love another as they are, but love them because they have so much potential in them, such a great possibility of growth, that with just a little effort they can become a light unto themselves. Whatever you are, enjoy it. But there is much more, so don’t stop at it. You are on the first rung of the ladder — it is perfectly good, because without being on the first rung, how can you be on the second and how can you be on the final, the ultimate? Make the opening and development of the inner qualities the primary focus in life, for it’s where the real ‘riches are’. Trust that!

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