Osama, Easter Bunny & jesus

3619036_638012c2b1_mJanuary 24, 2010
One is being hunted by the most advanced military in the world, the other requires a ‘hunting for easter eggs’ every year and, the last one has been found to be a ‘solar myth’ passed down from many cultures for centuries before his mythical claim to be the ‘sun of god’ (or the sun that gives all life that rises from the dead or, darkness). Now, Easter Bunny creates fun times. Jesus is a ‘story to support over the years, millions of ‘religious salesmen’ to put food on their families table. Osama?

Osama bin Laden was a real man gone somewhat mad but, deified by both the Western world and Islam to be both a ‘devil or, a great prophet’ depending on which side is looking at him. Mohammed was a great prophet who in the name of Allah killed thousands, had many wives (one 9 years old), and, as time went on said some fine things but no better certainly than thousands do today in books or otherwise. Islam seems to equate Osama with Mohammed but with a different enemy (USA & Israel). Mohammed had the courage to live his life in the open instead of in a cave.

As the US perpetuates the myths of a Jesus, while banning all public information leading to the ‘true story’ now uncovered by ‘religious archeologists’ hidden in plain site in books and, all over the internet, the leaders have pressured each other to stand behind the ‘Osama is alive’ story for purposes that are very dubious. One supposition is not to encourage Islam to make him a ‘Martyr’, to rally even more support for Islam. Certainly, if he were alive and, in cave hiding, many, many followers having lived with him or seen him over nearly a decade, could be coerced with money and a new life to report it to the news. There has been no account of any doing that inspite of millions in reward money for information leading to his arrest.

Ironically, the information that one of Islam’s great prophets, Jesus, if he were identified truthfully as a myth, would begin to collapse ‘the hands that feed the lies’ both in Christianity and Islam. At this time, no world figure either has the guts to speak the truth or, probably doesn’t even take the time to read information from the ‘experts’. Awareness of the truth, beyond the lies and deceptions, is a path to follow for all humans to evolve into superconscious beings that create a peace and harmony on earth. We all know the truth about Easter Bunny and, can continue the myth for fun. The rest is deception and, keeping people imprisoned in lies.


  1. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all peas in a pod – the Abrahamic religions. And they all share responsibility for suppressing our intuitive recognition of the Sun as a divine being. And THAT is the interesting part the story: rediscovering our solar relationship rather than poring over who covered it up with what. It was so damned interesting that I even wrote a book on the subject titled, you guessed it, Sun of gOd.
    Gregory Sams, author

  2. How do you really know for certain about any of the thins you comment on. You are obviously a very intelligent person, but if you rely on anyone elses observations, they are educated guesses at best because no one really knows for sure.

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