Lusty Greed

3044990365_e7c404a624_mGreedy hand grabs money
November 31, 2009
Rich or poor, unconscious, self serving behavior is borderline criminal and certainly a misuse of a gift in a short, precious life. Giving from the heart is giving back to the universe or, the God one believes in for the gift of life. Daily collecting gifts for one’s own satisfaction is to be part of the collective consciousness that creates a cancer for humanity. One person does make a difference whether ones deeds are good or bad.

Anything beyond the reasonable survival needs of food, shelter, and the necessities of positive living need to be examined. When money becomes a reason for choice of action for the self beyond those aforementioned needs, self evaluation on one’s focus on high conscious nature, needs to be given priority in one’s ways and means of living.

Rationalizations and denial are common characteristics of the unhealthy behavioral person. Each one of these ‘takers of life’s gifts’ wears a different but, same mask to hide behind. ‘Lusty greed’ is filled with desires for satisfying a bottomless pit of ‘gimme’s’ and accumulation of things and experiences for one’s own ego. In a sense, it’s being a vampire of life’s gifts.

The ‘greedy-lusty’ poor is a common, low conscious thief of others spaces and possessions. The one ‘well off’ is the worst of the worst in their thirsty hunger for ‘more and more’ with no accounting for the compassion toward others in a true giving from the heart. There is no excuse for anyone with the ability to serve themselves, to look for excuses to not give to others specially in need.

Fortunately, in very recent years a new word has been introduced to the western world from the ancient wisdom of the Eastern mystics and, that is ‘karma’. Karma for the ‘scrooge of love and giving’ is to find the emptiness of that behavior as well as it’s ‘payback’. Love is giving to others to the fullest of ones capability and, beyond.


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