Exploding Beliefs

September 21, 2009
Truth is medicine for the whole ‘belief’ circus that shrouds the earth espoused by the progeny of ‘out of the woods ancestors’ a few years back who knew nothing of modern devices, including toilet paper! The ‘belief people’ are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s, Voo Doo’ers, and all cults. The children of yesterday are now in adult bodies slobbering over untamed sexual and greedy needs occupying most of the earth regardless of formal education! They are led by ‘sheep herders’ who call themselves various titles of a religion who, humbly by action, place themselves closer to a ‘fictional description of a marketable definition of a God. (Atheists are either naive or ignorant and in their mind)

Truth is irrefutable! Belief always comes with doubt, often from purported knowledge from others but, certainly not ‘knowing’. Humanoids are led as children to ‘believe’ in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy, etc., then the preachers take over with belief in ‘recycled religious garbage’ from other times, in other lands, where the same myths were told ‘til they reached the ‘holy land’ and Mecca for control of the masses. ‘THIS’ is not a belief but, irrefutable evidence is being more and more released into the mainstream. The media, politicians, and, religious sheep herders are blocking release of those ‘truths to dispel beliefs’. In addition, swallowing beliefs are those billions of programmed, naive, busy people who live in fear of the truth. Ironically, the truth is far more blessed, as truth always sets one free from the ‘lies’ of beliefs that are pounded into sheeple to believe and have faith in.

Truth is, that bright light in the sky that’s visible most days is called the ‘SUN’! Any belief system questioning that, is ‘nuthouse’! You know it or, have forever been blind but, still you feel it and, smell it’s effects on the earth. Some call it ‘the Sun of God’, except ‘god’ is a belief and, refers to something not even remotely like it’s real meaning which has no word!

Life is ‘harmonious balance’, without it there is no life as we know it. The sun, moon, and, stars are in balance, giving us the exact formula for life, but not enough to wake people up to see beyond the comfort from fears that techniques called belief, faith, and trust which, in another usage, do have merit but, not in this one! Truth is! Belief is a ‘lollypop’! ‘Truth’ is not in the popular, common usage’ the last few decade’ of serial sayings of the words ‘love’ and ‘I love you’. They are often no more than ‘BELIEF’! Truth ‘explodes and implodes’ beliefs! Truth is!


  1. The Sun is a living being, and one with immeasurably greater consciousness than ourselves. Some people ascribe the “god” word to such characters. Others may just respect and show gratitude to the celestial being showering us with the light of life.

    I wrote a book that explores the implications of conscious stars. It’s titled Sun of gOd and you can find our more about it as http://www.sunofgod.net

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