U R a Redneck if…

201768307_a2584ee39c_mAugust 25, 2009
U R a Redneck if 5 or more of these below apply:

.Watch over 6 hours of football per week
.Smoke pot or cigarettes most days
.Prefer eating meat
.Eat lots of ‘fast food’
.Drink 25% or more of alcohol drinks as other liquids
.Watch violent shows on TV
.Frequent use of profanity
.Scream and yell a lot
.Poor communicator
.Wealthy people who give little or a very small amount of their income
.Relationship cheaters
.Pussy hounds
.Porno lovers
.Texters while driving
.Country music lovers
.Negative thinkers
.Mood swingers
.’Born agains’
.Reader of ‘romance novels’
.Talkers with little action
.Rejectors of friendliness with friends (ex) and relatives
.Refusers to look at ‘facts’ of one’s religion by non members of faith
.Frequent shoppers (food not included)
.Infrequent use of self improvements
.Continual use of bad habits
.Don’t accurately see oneself
.Refusal to acknowledge the above characteristics when they apply

The ‘new redneck’ lives as if they are ‘entitled’ to be here. Technological development has astronomically outpaced the development of the human condition physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s divine and godly to reach for the highest inner qualities before all else and, be thankful for all the blessings within our reach.

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