Out of the Closet

3389472034_57cdc2da69_mMay 5, 2009
Most men have an infant ?rattle? that comes out of their protective shields
when challenged. Fear of intimacy is rampant and epidemic among billions
regardless of gender. Fear of ?exposure? of those inner qualities that lack
development, have left most of society emotionally retarded. Adults are really
children that occupy aging bodies. To protect this embarrassment in?nite
devises are readily available for the ?goo-gooer?.
All protections of insecurities are fear related, denial being a frequently used
one. The ?ego? is mind and without a demonstrable heart connection, ?self destructive? and, a
barrier to authentically be in touch with the positive, loving heart. Men, in particular, ?nd in?nite
things to hide behind be it ?money success?, sports, gambling, drinking, drugs, cheating – the list
is endless. There seems to be no end to the ?rattles? or toys to distract man from
taking a deep look at himself.
The ?ego? is the guard at the door of the insecurities that are locked in the closet. The
?key? to the closet opens after one accepts that they are a prisoner of habits and
behaviors that they do not like in others. ?Excuses? for hanging on to ?issues? year
after year are just that, ?excuses? to protect the comforts of the ?status quo?.
I?ve met innumerable couples who hide behind their disappointment in themselves
and the environment they?ve created by intoxicating themselves with drugs, alcohol,
excess food and anything that will drown out what should be looked at to raise the
consciousness and ability to love deeper.
There is a new TV star with a show called ?Dog Whisperer? where a gifted dog trainer
can in a few minutes, break any dogs bad habits using techniques that change their
behavior. Dog owners apparently have little success with training the pet to change behaviors.
Humans have a resistance to behavioral change that makes any dog appear as a genius. The
?rst step is to stop, examine habits for how they measure up to the highest standards and, make
the changes. Humans have the extraordinaire gift of discovering that they can train themselves
to be the highest inner expression that is possible.
Use your ego to make it a big, strong, positive, and compassionate ego – it works!

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