Move THAT Bus

Move that Bus

March 13,2009

‘Move that bus’, in America, has come to mean ‘giving back to people who give to others but suffer hardships themselves. A ‘thank you’ from the heart to make peoples lives richer. The TV series takes place every Sunday where a family in need is built a new home to replace difficult conditions in their present home. It’s called ‘Extreme Home Makeover’ and behind it are hundreds of people to make an incredible difference in the lives of a selected family.

Home is where everyone lives within themselves but, often it’s treated as a house in need of lots of repairs because of fears, hurts, and ignorance of better choices. ‘Move that bus’ is moving the bus so the ‘homeowners’ can see, upon their arrival a week later, their new home, having let go of what was there. Do we have a ‘bus’ in front of our perception of who we really are?

Few don’t need some kind of makeover of who they really are, perhaps an extreme makeover! No one is ever going to come to make that ‘make over’, just the choice to do it for ourselves step by step to see that we each are far more than meets the eye that doesn’t look beyond or, for the treasures inside. The past and the future are here now. Position the past within on how it best serves the moment. The future is always in the moment.

The rhythm of the moment will give the butterflies to rise one to the heights of consciousness. Each is driving that bus that needs to be moved to see the awaiting surprises of all the aspects of the spirit that can be opened to enable one to live at the heights of living. Waiting for the ‘bus in the sky’ to come and rescue one is a mind illusion, for everything needed has arrived but for paying attention. The house can be replaced by a new home within.

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