Yikes...God!Easy to know God

Ever found yourself ‘ashamed of God’ or, infinite people, be they ‘Allah people’ or Atheists, who seem to proclaim love for some ‘pie in the sky’! Or, people who seem to idolize some Guru or, even be it an obsession with acquiring ‘toys’ like cars, houses, boats, planes and every form of ‘feel good’ jewelry?

These folks have ‘barriers’ high into the sky protecting them from lots of freedom of spoken thought around them. What a joy to find people who have no barrier of ‘thought block’ on freedom of ideas and viewpoints. Free thought and expression of emotions with joy from within is an experience worthy to cherish. Acceptance, with discernment of judgments, is a treasure to be in association with.

It’s never to late to pull the covers off of everyones concept of this ‘God/Allah’ and expose him(?) for what he is not! To use god as if it is an ‘all seeing entity’, rather misses the truth. Life in all of it’s dimensions is to be loved, respected, understood and worshipped. Calling life God or Allah, while actually knowing that they are just words for ‘life’, is a more loving use of meaning and language.

All over the world, minds and hearts have been surrendered to religious leaders who find their position to be safe from the fear of having to work in this challenging world. Religious leaders intentions at one early point in their life may have been innocent projection of a ‘call to duty’, but upon maturing, it should be manifested instead as a means to gather people to mix for personal growth free of any dogma and, for ways to stimulate inner love of themselves.

Religiousness has NOTHING to do with religion, but is a reverence for all aspects of life and love. All beliefs are just that, always accompanied by doubt while ‘knowing’ is always available in the search for truths!

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