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Trap of ‘NO-No’


Feb 26 2021

Trap of ‘NO-NO’ 👀 Inline image December 3, 2020 Change is the only permanent thing in life, and that’s not the change in your pocket. A habit, primarily a bad one, becomes deeper and deeper and a ‘tattoo’ on the false you. Change for the better is always an option. The society, especially at this virus time, is masking the ‘yes smile’ that we use to see even passing by a stranger on the sidewalk. Apart from that, it’s good to ask yourself if you are a ‘no-no person’ with more often a negative attitude than positive? It’s easier to say ‘no’ than yes. I especially learned that on Wall St. when looking for business. A few months ago, there was a man being restrained by police who said he couldn’t breath. The non secret to life is ‘breath’. We can survive without seeing, hearing, speaking, etc., but not without the ‘breath of life’! All that moves needs to breath. Not just to breath but to breath fresh air for protecting health and the immune system. Everyone needs it, and from nature. At least an hour a day of healthy ‘nature’ breathing outside is better than an ‘apple a day’ while never breathing fresh air. There is a song at this time of year, ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ by the legendary memorable singer, Nat King Cole. Well, there are a lot of inner values even more important. Without breath, nothing is important. Today with the virus and ‘misinformation’ distributed my the media, the majority are in ‘lockdown’ from breathing fresh air, but opting for unneeded masks to block fresh air. No credible, objective so called expert would agree it’s necessary, especially walking alone in the fresh air. The world of individuals needs much more love, and there seems to be a shortage in minds and hearts of how to get more. Being more informed on ‘goings on’ in the country with integrity is a good use of breath. Breath is best with freedom. Masking freedoms without deep understanding and research of ‘why’ is to put the ‘breath’ in fear, anxiety and needless ‘worry control’ from the ‘media with an agenda for personal ‘benefits’ while not being in the highest integrity. Love is in the Air. What’s rarely said is that the ‘air is love’. That’s why ‘fresh air is important’ not to mention the art of breathing, which is called meditation to be in sync with your higher and spiritual self. We must never forget though that the body is the temple of that spirit of breath. Time to say ‘yes-yes’ more and kNOw it’s best! Inline image
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Smoking Pot or Meditation?


Feb 23 2021

Smoking Pot or Meditation? 🍹 Inline image November 28, 2020 What goes around, goes around. It’s good to talk about anything. Sometimes we need to relax and have a beer or a good hit of weed. Most agree that it’s ok. Too much of anything seems to be a problem, most would agree. For those choosing neither, a relaxing stimulant, god bless them. It’s a confusing, stress full world for most. Things are changing at alarming rates and the speed of that is out of control. WE need to keep all of our ‘mechanisms’ in top working order especially our mental, emotional, spiritual, and common sense working at top notch. Any psychological professional would agree that there can be too much beer or too much weed consumed for personal inner growth. It’s counter to their trying to help free yourself from accumulated ‘flotsam’ floating in the brain and heart. However, it pays the bills and all the luxuries that are gifts from the profession. Now there is another ‘backup method’ to what stimulates the mind that all sensible, honest, informed professionals of mind or religion like to avoid talking about, or especially promote. That ‘back up method’ is methods of life’s greatest gift, ‘breathing’ or the ‘art of breathing’, sometimes called ‘meditating’ techniques … or meditation. Meditation was unheard of in America until the 2nd half of the 20th century. Stimulants precede our founding fathers as a ‘quick fix’. Now days it’s so quick, some nefarious souls drop it in others drinks for ‘mind control’. It’s kind of like ‘pulling the rug out from under you’ where you lose all control of the mind, and other faculties. Dancing can become a form of meditation where the dancer becomes the dance and with a natural loss of the mind. Many happenings can become the gift of pure awareness, … and naturally. Meditating frees the heart and mind, and deeply from all prior distractions or impediments to being the ‘free you’ void of all unnecessary fear and control. Meditation brings you up with no down. It’s not a temporary blanket … and it’s free. That’s why the ‘shrink’ avoids bringing it up. In the case of the ‘religion head’, they know, (Or … maybe don’t know it?) frees the need for religion and it’s ‘beliefs’. Beliefs can and do become a ‘drug’ or stimulant. Someone just said to, me if ‘mistletoe’ can be a meditating devise? Hmmm? Well love and especially deeper love is a meditation, and maybe the ‘deeper love’ is all that’s needed. Stimulants are quick picker uppers. What makes you up, will bring you down. Meditation is a clearing of what’s not really you into a natural inner joy and bliss. And, it’s free! Arhata~ Inline image
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Forward, Upward, & Onward


Feb 21 2021

Forward, Upward & Onward 🙋‍♂ Inline image November 27, 2020 Triggering someone's negative reaction to your ‘good intention’ thoughts is certainly bothersome.You may interact with negative people daily, be they friends, family members, a partner, or a colleague. You love them, you care about them, you can't just cut them out of your life, but they are negative and their negativity is troublesome. What can you do? The best way of dealing with life's challenges is to take a good look at ourselves and taking responsibility for what we think, feel and do. You are running the ‘YOU show’. No need to complain. Make sure you are taking responsibility for your feelings and mood. Why complain that other people's negativity is affecting you, it will only create more negativity. Take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and see what you can do to make yourself feel better and change the existing situation. Don’t forget your senses of humor and ability to laugh at yourself. Take responsibility for your feelings and mood. Complaining about others negativity is useless. See what you can do to make yourself feel better and change the existing situation. Look closely at the negative people in your life. Is what they are doing really that bad or is your brain playing games with you? Remember, the brain is configured to look for trouble, and it focuses on other's negative qualities. It'll be very hard to get it to see the positive side of things, but it doesn't mean there isn't one. Look for the hidden opportunities. If you want to cure negativity, sliding down right along with the negative person won't help, it will just make it worse by validating their thought and behavioral patterns. Rather, focus on solutions, not problems. Instead of being a victim and judge, you need to take full responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, and take a different approach. "Everything that annoys us in others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves." - Carl Jung. Work on understanding life's inevitable duality - accept the negative with the good. Life is really ‘non duality’ where there is no right and wrong, black and white, it’s usually some sense of in between. Don't harp on people's negativity, don't judge or fight them. Let them be, look and accept. Remember, your world is no more real than a reflection of who you are, deep inside. Don't try to bring everyone into your own world, accept theirs as no less real than yours, and their point of view as no less valid. Dealing with negativity and trying your best to dispel it can be exhausting, and at some point, you have to move on with your life in a positive way. Find a path that allows you to go on with your life without the negativity of others, but also, without the regret that leaving a loved one or friend behind may cause you. Remember, like a plane - forward, upward, and onward! Arhata~ Inline image
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Get on the Ground


Feb 14 2021

Get on the Ground!!! November 13, 2020 Drop your mind! Comply to what you are not in control of. Use common sense and awareness with discernment. Life precedes you and stays long, long after you are gone. Always look to make the best decisions. If you don’t, life will come up with one that you may not find to your fancy. Be the caretaker of ‘you’ in body, mind, and spirit. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Not yesterday! Always do not forget to take out the garbage. In this case, always empty the garbage in your head, especially that which has haunted you for years. No one wants to let garbage pile up. It can be called ‘STUFF’ that is saved decade after decade. The material needs to not accumulate, but particularly the stuff lugged around in the head which serves nothing but the ‘shut down’ of who you really are. Be courageous and do something about it! Believe in a God or not (and remember it’s just a word for the English speaking), and it’s not meant for anyone to worship the letters…that’s not the real thing. Many, many cultures have many languages and perceptions of god. Be open to love and the feeling in the heart. Let love rise into the mind with discernment of the best possibilities for all situation’s. Life is like a puzzle on how to react/respond to all stimuli and that ‘stimuli’ may be the perceptions within you. BE like ‘Superman’ who was disabled when someone brought a hard substance called Kryptonite making him lose his magical powers. Use that imaginary kryptonite to take the energy out of negativities. Always remember though that the negative can be a teacher, and an opportunity to look for a positive solution. If the negative is harming your life, make the best of it using step by step into the light out of it. Today was the superstitious ‘Friday the 13th’ where bad luck is more likely…supposedly. Tremendous rain this morning. Haven’t used an umbrella in a long time, and as I started out into the rain someone offered me an umbrella. I opened it on the porch and knocked over a prize plant breaking the vase. Picked up the broken pieces and then the same person brought me a new planter from the garden and all was ok. I decided to stay out of the rain. 20 minutes later a resident alerted me that the overflow sink in the laundry room basement had overflowed. We did our best to fix it. The rest of the day was marvelous. Negativity knows no season but along with it comes positive solutions that reduces negativities. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground, head in the stars and your heart in the one season of open to love. Stop resisting! Get in your heart! Make life a ‘walk in the park’. Arhata~ Inline image
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Feb 12 2021

Take, Take, Take Inline image November 10, 2020 When giving a gift, have no expectations. Giving is receiving and receiving from the heart. The givers heartfelt choice is to not to ask for it back of course. He who gives from the heart has received. End of giving. The receiver is best to receive from the heart. If the giver, later for whatever reason, wants what was given returned, he becomes what most of us learned as ‘kids’, an ‘indian giver’. In other words, someone who has reversed the giving and become a ‘take, take, taker’, and it can only be from the mind which it likely was given from initially. Nature is nature and gives what it does with no possibility of taking the earthquake or storm back because some didn’t like it for whatever reason. Nature as the giver does not take responsibility for how it’s reacted to. The receiver has the responsibility to make the choice of how to react or respond. Nature is gift giving being it perceived as heartfelt or heatless, it is all in the eyes of the perceiver. The mind often is looking to serve what it wants selfishly. Wanting something back without regard for it being received from the heart, because of judging that the receiver didn’t appreciate it, is reverse ‘take, take, taking. There is no Santa Clause, but if there were one, he wouldn’t come back to take his toys or decide before the next Christmas that the receiver wasn’t appreciative enough! Greed is always from the ‘mind’ to serve the wanting of the mind of judgment. Always ‘the receiver’ to be receiving is thank full and appreciative regardless of the outcome. Intent of giving and receiving is of goodwill and joy. Giving a meal in a restaurant is from the heart. Receiving it is from appreciation. How one eats it, be it ‘finished’ or not, is the receivers choice that began and continued with good intentions. We have seemingly arrived in a time of ‘take, take, take’. Something for nothing; buy one get one free and even having to do nothing but be given free by others. The truth of the matter is that simply by giving you will receive all that you need. Giving is receiving.Today let me find a way to ‘give’ unconditionally and with love. Give a smile; give a word of appreciation; give a thought of good wishes; give your co-operation for a task. Make today a day of giving and tomorrow you will receive the fruits. Love is more than a word as well as free, and is not of the mind for the real love of the heart. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, NOT YOUR MONEY! Arhata~ Inline image
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Feb 8 2021

Philophobia Love ❤️ Inline image November 8, 2020 Some people say that it is very difficult to be positive in this highly negative world. But just as an incense stick spreads fragrance everywhere and dispels bad odor, the power of constantly pure and positive thoughts can transform the negative attitudes and atmosphere of any person or place. You have the ability to be the ‘Canary in the mine/mind’ or a light unto ourselves by making it an intent to set yourself up as an example of what you’d like others to be as far as a positive attitude that like a fragrance is catchy to others. Life is a potpourri of infinite things to be encountered. Asking most people what is that ‘thing’ which gives them the most difficulty of sorts, and most would say other people. That ‘thing’ is attachment to superfluous habits that need elevating to a new harmonious level. You may have those habits and/or others (others for sure). Deep in the throes of love who you think you are disappears as well as the ‘beloved’. You enter into a divine silence where all beliefs and thoughts evaporate into a stillness without words, You have left the body, the memories, the past and future into a timelessness that might be called a godliness of the beyond the beyond. It can’t be identified in words especially to those who haven’t been in the experience. In the world of the spiritual, those moments can be called meditation where oneness and stillness pervade in an emptiness where the universe has merged into your being. The sound of silence is without words. The ‘I love you’, the attachment to all things that you let go of is but a birth into a new reality of consciousness that becomes the mother lode of ‘secrets’. All unconsciously know it's there but only those in deep belovedness find themselves into a place where all walls have become windows to fly into the vastness of the beyond. You become, no one there or here, but continue to have the ability to go along with what was the ‘you’ that is remembered while finding ways to let the world know that judgments they imprint on you are really reflective of their inability to escape the imprinting prison of who they identify as being. The eyes of deep love and mediation see what can’t be seen by the eyes of worldliness. Those in that state of attachment to worldliness cannot see the unseeable that is there for anyone to find themselves in by letting go of all the shackles of the past and future to be seen only as a memory within the loving heart. The real you is beyond what you imagine to be the best you. Arhata~ Igor Pumphonia - Music vs COVID-19 (Original Mix ... YouTube · Siberia Grooves Apr 7, 2020 Igor Pumphonia - Music vs COVID-19 (Original Mix) (ChillRecordsMusic) Play Igor Pumphonia - Music vs COVID-19 (Original Mix) (ChillRecordsMusic)
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