Happy Mind Control

Happy Mind Control!
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April 9, 2022

You can’t fix stupid, and those that still don’t and refuse to see the truth. Today too many folks prefer to be lied to according to their acceptance of purported truth without questioning. It happens on ‘mainstream TV news, but also in all aspects of personal lives. The downside of lying has many dissonant mind controlling aspects. One of course is the need for the lier to be careful to remember his lies that necessitates keeping on lying to cover the previous lies.

One of my favorite ‘truth seeking’ journalists ever is former ’CBS 60 minutes commentator’ of exposing truths, Lara Logan from South Africa. As much as I regard Fox News as the better of the ‘mainstream news’ channels and corrupters of reality on certain subjects, they don’t compare to the excellent journalists out there that are real ‘truth seekers’ like the courageous person Lara Logan is. A jewel for ‘free speech’…and she paid heavy prices such as being surrounded (while doing a story) on a street by men in Cairo, Egypt, and gang raped. A great, persistent, dogged ‘searcher for truth’ example!  


‘Truth’ is censored by turning a blind eye to the many ‘excellent’ sources being allowed air time 0n certain social media and on a careful choice of internet truth programs. Censorship really keeps the masses in the dark unless seeking out the real experts on truth findings. ‘Happy mind control’ is like a sedative to put millions to sleep, and they won’t even know it!

My best friend over 30 years (Acharya S), researched and wrote many books on her years of digging into the truths behind all religions. We used to occasionally note that, no TV would touch her even with her beautiful presence. Simple truths are allowed, but not deep ones!

We are by far, the best information source in the world, and sadly at lying at lying too. We have geniuses who are paid big money (at dozens of Think Tanks or ‘mind control centers’) to feed mainstream news ‘truth mixed with bullshit’ to control most everyone, except those who find the best truth journalists on the internet or in books. A quote I just came across is worth motivating you to ‘question and research for truth’ in everything that might have personal as well as social consequences. ”The US military is beatable, the US dollar is beatable, but the US propaganda machine is unmatched as an unstoppable source of misinformation’’. Remember to vote even though your vote along with thousands, and a few million may not count. ‘Happy mind control’ is making you think your vote counts and discreet lying isn’t a shadow in the world following you.


Falsity and lies are indicted, tied and fried! The river of truth stays flowing clear and calm. Truth makes for great dialog, conversation, trust, and the best love! 

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