Boiler Plate Love

Boiler Plate Love
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June 6, 2021

The door to creating a more exciting life is here!

Thinking and loving outside the herd mentality is to allow innovative thoughts and experiences to be expressed freely instead of being replaced into more routine, humdrum ways in lockstep often to the way of the masses. Boiler plate in written verbal usage is to have preset forms for convenient use that need no imagination because they are ready made for whatever situation that presents itself. Legal forms are often ‘boiler plate’. 

Being creative with the expression ‘boiler plate’ is to see it as a pattern or standardization of behavior that is a deadening of living and even loving. It can be a loss if `Universities as well as all schooling’, don’t promote creative, imaginative thinking outside the box. Why fall into line with ‘mass thinking’ which I call ‘boiler plate’ or copycat thinking, living, and just being like the perceived way that everyone else is doing. It’s being in a rut where imaginative ways are left in the dark of thinking and positive behaving is rarely ‘outside the box’. It’s ok to not be ok and choose to make life exciting to live.

Most of the world is made up of ‘nice people’, however most fall into routines especially with behaviors that become habits, often habits of comfort such as those  falling asleep with the  many elements of love, their deepening and improvements becoming all but forgotten and just gathering dust. There are endless ways to  express love, talking, communicating, feelings, etc.  – sadly most take love as more a word than a potential daily experience. Fear? Laziness? Ignorance? Taking it for granted, etc. 

Why wait a lifetime for love of yourself when it’s already there to ignite, and the good news is that the un-ignited embers of love never go out. When you take a moment to power down the invisible corridors of the future where windows and doors of opportunity that are here right now. life opens up beyond what’s it been. They are hidden and you must understand that putting off ‘til tomorrow, that never comes, can be unconsciously slipping into the prisons of resistance. The opportunities to ‘breakout’ as year goes into years, become darker and darker.

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, but to love and to be loved by the one you love, that is EVERYTHING. Put your thoughts to sleep. Do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking. – Rumi. Time to wake up from the swamps and take a conscious trip to the stars. Better said? Love yourself not from the swamps of love, but to the stars of love. Your thoughts, love, and just living can become like tirelessly dreading water. Wake up and fly with your heart as the compass! The door is open!! Arhata~

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