Fat Sucks

Fat Sucks
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May 25, 2015

Fat people need love. In fact, lots of it. Maybe there is some type of love missing including love of self. No one likes ‘tying their shoes’ to be an ordeal they would like to avoid, or for anything wanted to be avoided but for ‘issues’. If there was a magic pill that would readjust weight to one’s proper weight, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Hmmm…not really! We are what we are because of what came before, and that which we are attached to. Some of it good, some of it bad. The key is always letting go of what encumbers you from the positive ‘healthies’ of life.

Many of the nicest people I’ve encountered have been physically fat. I’ve had an aunt, a brother in-law, a grandma, and many friends who were excessively overweight. Strangely, right at this moment, I heard a click on my phone? Looking at it word for word…’’Arhata, if you do this for 24 nights you will lose 46 lbs.’’ (306) 213-4917. Hmmmm….I’m 215 lbs minus 46 = 169 lbs. No thank you, I’m well over 6’ and large framed! 


Be careful when you criticize even if you think it’s constructive criticism. All people have something they are at least a bit self conscious over. Use ‘skillful means’ in a choice of  gestures and words, as judgments can have a boomerang/karmic effect especially when you have sensitive issues about something. Everything is as it should be given the background. Spiritual development to improve all aspects of oneself that can be is a choice. Telling someone they have an eating disorder is not going to help you in Dale Carnegie’s classic best seller, ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’.

The list of personal sensitivities is endless such as calling someone ignorant, dumb, stupid, etc. when the fact is everyone possesses an ignorant side with the tip of the iceberg being what they know more about than most. Be humble and realize, you possess more dumbness than smarts – and that can be proven. The human race, inspite of its many qualities and inventions, everyone struggles with something, a main one being knowing and loving the inner self

You are more than the shell for your soul that is your body, and every day fight to remind yourself of that, and reminding yourself that that is all people see of you sometimes.”Be mindful of the ‘fat in your brain’ that wants to get out and make room for healthy organic thoughts and emotions. Focus on people’s positives, and not what might be a touchy subject. Even if you cannot change all the people you choose to be around, life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate and value you.  Spend time with people who you can dialog with and that make you smile, laugh, and feel loved. Love life with your best shot always! Be open to change negative perceptions. 

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