Careful Love

Careful Love 🌈

May 17, 2021

Love can be dangerous. Love can take your breath away. Love can be like a fire that burns out. Love can also put your breath back into a new life. However, be careful who you love! Unfinished love is lost love, but is love really ever lost? Love that never reached its completion will always leave an empty spot in the heart. Love sometimes wants to love what or who won’t receive it for their blocks to love within them, and of course do you have them? Change is constant and with that change comes winning or losing and everything in between. The moments keep flowing as a river bouncing over rocks and all else within their way. That moment is fleeting, but let the heart catch it, and it can fill the memories of love forever.

One’s life is always because of someone and that someone is many of different impacts beginning with ‘mom’. Because of those ‘once strangers’ imprint, you are the new you. No life is without pain and yet is an opportunity of gain whether you see it or not. Be in awareness and thankfulness if you can see loss or pain as opportunity. Sometimes new opportunity comes slowly and unrealized for a long time. 


Always I think of the surreal, beautiful girl from another country when together we both enjoyed several  years of love. After a year, it was like ‘oceans apart’ as we both stayed close even though we were 3,000 miles apart with me in NYC and her in Portland, Or. We both followed great job opportunities while leaving it open that we’d come together when it was clear who had the best career opportunity. Well, we both had the best job. After coast to coast visits every few weeks for a few short years life together flowed into the ocean where we parted.

The great loss was with a deep loss, but nearly a year later, I met someone who I never imagined then would the best friend of my life who affected great opportunities far beyond my imagination. Sometimes it takes ‘time’ to see that one loss can follow with something life changing in a positive way that wouldn’t have happened but for even a great loss. Loss is like a river, love yourself, send love out, and flow with it to the mysterious moments coming. Life’s flowing can be lifted to new positive dimensions for those who always let go and keep paths open.

Always nurture love’s feeling whether in loss or in the new moment. Remember that the love really is you loving your inner self. Love is like a baby, and needs great care through wherever it goes in life. Love is in the air, and the secret is that the air is love. Find more of it through your attraction abilities in a let go and/or breathing meditations. We are always young and free to receive and give love. Every moment is starting over!


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