Candle in the Wind

Candle in the Wind  🍁
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February 5, 2021

You can open the door to a new world. What will you eventually find in that world? The old world has gone dark. Light the candle of imagination and the heart, but don’t open the door to the wind blowing in. Keep the candle of light burning in the dark while opening the door to the light within you. That candle is in you…love and awareness need not flicker or ever go out as it is the guide of the divine energy that sustains truth for a superconscious living.

Milque-toast courage is to not follow the path of evolving consciousness and is characteristic of the feeble, week, and meek minded. Don’t be a Caspar Milquetoast. A candle loses nothing if it is used to light another one. First, give to yourself for without caring for yourself, how can you care and give to others? You come first to take care of so that others can benefit.

A candle gives light to the heart of darkness. The candle in you is in the heart. It actually needs more ‘wind’ to give light. Deep breathing creates love. Someone you’re intimate with automatically opens the heart with heavier breathing. Love with someone is a form of meditation. Love is the candle that lights itself. However, if you’re waiting for love you ain’t going to get too far. Mind over matter. Life will chew you up if you don’t come out of the dark of your selfish desires. Are you really ready?

Sin is something that harms someone else, and ultimately yourself. Perhaps the greatest sin is to live a life that isn’t nurturing to the heart. Negative habits accumulate and that negativity shelters the heart like a dark house with closed shades to keep the light out. The mind often creates the shades or barriers to the opening of the heart even when someone comes with a candle of love where the mind conjures up it’s defenses usually learned as a protective devise from hurt and lack of trust. When the candle of love comes, the door must be open to the heart and if it’s open, the light of love will blow out if you don’t submit to it at the door. Surrender then happens when you have let go of the mind, letting the light come in with no barriers. 

It is very easy to run from everything including your true self, becoming more difficult to wake up. One day you become locked out without knowing that you have the key. The key is always there, but you can become more blinded in self denial. Love waits for you to see and feel it. Letting go of the fear of love and realizing that it is the secret to life blossoming. Light the candle within, and let all negativity not blow the winds of fears to ‘letting go’ while accepting love overtaking you!


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