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S T O P…Be Positive! 🌷
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February 1, 2021

Stop before you say it or do it, as the perception of the one receiving might just have difficulty handling the traffic of your words or deeds. Right or wrong may not matter if the message is perceived as you running their ‘red light’. WE have, at this time in immediate history become burned by a tsunami of word hatred sometimes even words that are otherwise by the use of one letter replacing another becomes capable of eliciting reaction or agreement. It’s not just our personal interaction, but society at large needs all of our coming to the same page of ‘stopping’ and realizing that we need to step up to a new world, and be examples for ourselves and others, especially the younger.

Technological acumen to control and dumb down the populace is moving ahead at breakneck speed while the growth of the human condition is parked somewhere in the middle decades of the last century. It’s sadly a perfect time for the ‘dark side’ to do what it wants to further control the world.

It takes simple logic to see that massive destruction and unnecessary loss of life, or on a personal level a sense of loss of being, will continue to escalate. It’s a good thing for those in control and all the nice sheeple deserve it for not paying attention. Today even most of the Christian population is asleep at the wheel and not following the wisdoms in their religion. I say that as a non Christian. Knowledge to evolve inwardly and for society is free, yet most would  rather spend money and sell their souls to the material life thinking that the secrets to life are  but unreachable fairy tales. Christianity has become like a swamp or a desert with any oasis seen without thankfulness beyond use and abuse. The slaughter of the lambs is their punishment for apathy and denial. 

The clock of life needs a ‘reset’ to accommodate and adapt to the spiraling technology that is happening to improve our lives, but increasingly is being used by those who don’t care enough but for their benefits. Life doesn’t exist for you, but you are here to make the best of it and give back for the blessings that you were given in this life at the most interesting time since the planet’s formation. There are no wrong turns, for wherever we travel we can learn and teach, give and receive. Always enjoy yourself, yet give to others from your heart.

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