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January 30, 2021

DARKNESS hides all. If you want to do anything to darkness, you must use light. Bring light in and darkness disappears. However, if you bring darkness into light, darkness is weakened. Likewise you can not solve anything with hate either. Since the advent of the internet, we can search the world for an answer to any question by using some companies developed tool to ‘browse’ the world for any question. You too have been blessed with tools to open the shutters to let the light in. 

We’re always running out of time, and it’s time to hit the road at finding where love is hidden within. No speed limit! It’s in plain sight if you let go of the barriers that only you have constructed. The gates of awareness really opened as you reached adulthood for you to see that you’ve traveled this far, and sometimes the road has been difficult (and will have new moments of difficulty), but now’s the time to throw off the shackles of ‘self barriers’, be they hurts, depressions, anxiety, stress, unhappiness, etc.  

Accepting and not resisting this, is the first and most important inner skill in this frenetically changing, modern world. Just like in the cold of the winter, if we are fortunate to live in a modern house we have a thermostat that regulates the heat for best comfort. Searchin’ within is where all the answers are by turning o the lights of awareness. Before a footrace, you have to warm up. In the human race, to warm up to a clear outlook, try breathing slowly and deeply for a few minutes when the negative is closing in.

There is nothing more real than the inner space within each of us that never ever changes. We may change our thoughts, our feelings, even our sense of who we are, but we fail to visit the unchanging center of our own self. The ability to be in this inner space, where our peace is found, when all around would prefer chaos and crisis, is the deepest spiritual change skill. It is the eye of the storm, it is the oasis in the desert, it is the place where peace is power. Unlock the adventure of feeling love everyday, and as many moments as possible.

If I want more flowers in my garden, I start planting them. If I want more love in my life, I start spreading it. Surround yourself with what you like by continuously generating it! The breath of love is in the air, all you have to do close your eyes, breath, and watch. Your inner browser will come up the love within.

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