Casting Stones

Casting Stones 😮
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January 25, 2021

Needless aspersions are an attack either on the integrity of someone, or just a deliberate offense while other options are available. Life is like ‘gardening’. If you want whatever you plant to grow the best it can naturally, you must be a good gardener sensitive to what is best needed for growth. The world is YOU! How others choose their world is their choice, but hopefully one that walks over the clouds of oppression.

Being mindful and heartful leads to Godful! Be generous with giving and receiving while using the best ‘skillful means’ available as an option even if it’s ‘tuf love’. Yesterday is but a memory that can’t be touched physically, but the moment is open to the best touches. Life is a school to build the fortunes of the soul that is present and goes on. It’s not about how far apart we are from the ‘soul’, it’s how close we can be! This is not just a world made of stone, so cast your thoughts and heart to the higher realms of consciousness. Open the eyes, heart and mind to make it a ‘clear day within’ for the light to shine as you are on your way.

When moving in the light, the feelings of being happy and even excited, beam into you and whatever you do. Throwing stones at yourself is self punishment that needs to be let go of, and  it may be letting go of attachments to the past. Venture into the ‘light’ always. Plan for a  miracle, and you’ll find when they come they were really a result of you giving and receiving the light. Doers get more done, meaning to live your higher thoughts in action. Life give rewards out to those that tune in to a harmony with it. 

Seek and fuel the fire within for that which sees and gives the positive. Why be derogatory in any form to another especially yourself? Doing my ‘free speech displays’ downtown today, I had a small experience that has huge implications to greater life experiences. A nice man who collects cans for deposit of .10c per can, mentioned that someone had just beat him to one of our fancy trash receptacles, and went away with one can. Following behind him, the ‘nice man friend’ said he dug a little deeper and found 3 cans missed. The he ‘dug’ to the bottom of the trash and found 3 more for a total of 6 that the other had missed. My reply was that if we dig deeper into everything we’ll uncover more treasures that we didn’t think were there, especially within!

Be true to yourself by dumping all the past attachments to negatives, and be born again each day by putting it into your mind, and yet meditating to free the mind! Life has MANY treasures buried within for letting go of the ‘stuff’ blocking the view. If you do little to evolve, it’s a  promise of hell when heaven is at hand. Makes no sense to run away from love and it’s virtues.



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