Negative Sees Negative

NEGATIVE Sees negative 👎

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January 20, 2021

Years ago, I made a vow to turn all situations into the positive, and I mean ALL! The result was an experience(s) which enhanced life and deep love to this time. However as a few short years went by, and even now, the ‘negative’ must be appreciated and not seen because of only seeing the positive. There are times, with what we choose to do, our experiences or interactions are such that the negative is hard to avoid, but it’s an opportunity to see how best to deal with it. Sometimes walking into the ‘fire of the negative’ sharpens how we can better see things and learn from them. 

There are infinite degrees of negative and positive in people as well as knowing how to use each situation for the best outcome. Most negative people are also positive in different ways and yet some tend to focus on seeing the negative in response or reaction. They become sometimes like walking through a ‘minefield’. One wrong move, especially with the ‘slip of the lips’ can be forgiven, but sometimes never forgotten. It’s never wise to mix bad words with your  bad mood. You will have infinite opportunities to change your moods, but not always the chance to take back your words. 


Contrariness is a mindset that some have who seem to see everything different than who or what they are addressing. It’s a self revolving addiction that if you’re the ‘contrary one’ it’s time to ‘own it’, and make it a goal to park it where you forgot where you parked it. If you are the recipient, skillfully slip into silence and avoid conversations that spawn ‘contrariness’ as a positive and rational way to harmoniously position yourself to it. Friendships with those who are easily triggered or just naturally negative from habits that likely started in childhood need your positioning so you keep your boundaries of healthy demeanor. 

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. One must be the change you want to see in the world. Being negative can be all consuming and self perpetuating. People make friends with their negativity and look for moments of light that actually keeps them thinking they are ok, convincing themselves that it’s just the outer world with its people that is negative. If one is psychologically healthy, there is little negativity within. Even negative on the outside is looked at as an opportunity to rise above it. Always be looking to make every moment as positive as possible, and dealing with any negativity with the best discernment of options possible. Always, a sense of humor soothes the soul for you as well as another. If your life doesn’t feel exciting most of the time, it might just be time to make meditating part of everyday life to lighten you up.



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