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Self Vaccinate 📣 
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December 20, 2020

It works! Is the needle the best way? However, most won’t make the effort or have been doing it. Then, you are on your own to examine the ‘vaccinating issue’ pushed by Governments and people like Billionaire ‘Big Pharma investor, Bill Gates. Always, remember there is not one size fits all meaning each of you is one of a kind with real issues or just psychological ones.

Mahatma Gandhi a few years ago said, ‘’Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccinations should stand alone, it need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.’’ In essence, make your own decision not letting governments dictate what is good for you especially when much of their instructions are money oriented for control, and also entail lots of ‘subjectivity’.

I’ve been around many more years than the average person, and value my observations of ‘why people behave the way they do’. Those observations, like any good observer of people’s behavior, is that people who excel in love physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are   not as likely to have a vulnerable immune system that requires any unreasonable form of paranoia about catching diseases and illnesses. Of course, be a good self judge of where you are in relation to those characteristics that certainly don’t fit the masses in a high degree of compliance. We all have an incredible ability to love in all the ways ‘aforementioned’, but we get busy and not mindful of breaking habits which hold our ‘wholistic health’ back. No one should die or be debilitated because of not fully loving all aspects of ourselves although nothing is guaranteed but ‘change’.

My careful subjective observations, over time, continues to be that those most positive with themselves, exude a ‘self love’ that manifests in higher states of happiness and excitement for each day regardless of challenges that befall them. It doesn’t matter that the early years of anyone had any degree of calamity or wounds as everyone has information available for the first time in history that can assist them to ‘rise above all limitations’, especially psychological ones. Remember, the beginning of your life hasn’t started, not just yet, and there is no end, because the beginning hasn’t started, not just yet. The footsteps you make seem to be yours, but just keep walking on into the light where there are no footprints for the real you. 

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