Love Isn’t Love

Love Isn’t LOVE  💕 

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December 19, 2020

I was a draft Dodger? I love myself and imagined loving all humanity, and guessed that meant the Vietnamese too. As years have elapsed, it has become popularly agreed upon, that the war was unnecessary and wrong especially for all humanity involved. Was there fear of going to Vietnam? Only a psychopath wouldn’t fear going into hell on earth. A psychopath doesn’t love themselves except for what satisfies them, which is to disregard all love for others. (My escaping the Vietnam war, and bless those who went, was done legally).

‘Love’ is a word used to convey either a feeling of varying intensities, or perhaps a ‘pat on the back’ which is a gesture of feigned kindness that is ‘socially correct’, and a learned habit to hand out ‘willy nilly’ as a standard piece of verbal ‘lagniappe’ or a ‘verbal treat’. There are infinite ways to use the word ‘love’ to where it actually loses the intimate meaning especially with people. Actions speak the loudest for love. Actions are harder than the ease of telling  everyone that you love them, which has some merit, but is a light use of the deepest meaning of the word.


 A very deep love is a wordless, total let go with no fear of intimacy with another to the point where you lose your identity and the self that you carry. With that love is like the merging of two souls into one, and far beyond any necessary agreements to the connection. The ‘catch’ is you have to empty the attachments to negative memories as well as your partner has to also. Unless, in a rare case, two people are ready for that kind of merger, agreeable mutual focus and effort must be there. The merger of two becomes a meditation that actually if both align themselves to moving through emotional and mind obstacles, will work.

The question should arise, how do I know that? I’ve experienced it both as a natural uninhibited merging to a sense of superconsciousness, and an agreed to mutual evolvement to a state I call ‘lovenlightenment’. ‘Enlightenment is a word that has been bandied around with no ability to measure if it’s real or not. ‘Love experience’ can be measured. Many years ago, I came up with a method (and surely there can be more than one measurement) that was used with a few hundred willing and curious people. None disagreed with the results. Usually people need to make resilient adjustments by examining habits that they clung to endlessly which leaving ‘love experience’ stuck in a place where they can’t seeming free themselves from the emotional, spiritual imprisonment. With knowing where you’ve been and accepting it while having the feeling you can rise in love by exploring proven  methods, with time it will happen. The greatest meditation is a deep sense of love. Time to weaponize yourself with deep love.  


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