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Archeological Mind Dig ⛺️
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December 16, 2020

Digging for the truth is to be a spiritual archeologist. Instead of the physical, digging, sweating in the dirt and rocks to find what lies beneath our view, searching and digging for the truth relentlessly is to live with an open mind and heart to see and feel beyond the illusions of partial or misleading information. The time for just absorbing ‘here-say’ from whatever source when deeper answers just need a little ‘digging for the truth’ is more available now than ever, rather than self-immolation especially if the collective people follow along like sheep to the slaughter.

Searching for truth or the ultimate answer to anything requires considering letting go of preconceived notions and any limitations of fulfilling expectations of what you want to unveil. A graphic example would be to search for the reasons why a family has a lot of yearly sickness when upon open minded investigation it could be found to be living in close proximity to a toxic chemical operating plant or refuse. 

Likewise, how you were raised to adulthood in terms of love, discipline, experiences,  conditioning, etc., sets you on a path that represents where you’ve come from. Whether that early path was troublesome or balanced and healthy or whatever, there will always be resilient adjustments to make every experience the best it can be. The answers are within each of use to what we are seeking that equates to the highest possibility not only physically, mentally, emotionally, but spiritually. Always be mindful of ‘karma’, or what goes around, comes around.

We are not just a body that translates experiences to who we think we are, but inside that body, including the brain, is a spiritual being that the body and brain through the heart and mind yearns for attention be it needing an archeological dig into the heart and mind to uncover the waiting spirit. To not see or feel that yearning is a choice to stay preoccupied by outer things while not paying attention to what all religions and/or spiritual teachings emphasize as the most important part of being here for a moment in time. Life can be ‘non stop’ ignoring what is most important to all life, AND that is love, and love deep within. That love to exist as much as it can doesn’t do as will with enemies inside, like hate and many other negativities. Love transposes hurts, pains, and all negativity if it is strong enough. Be strong and connect with your beautiful inner qualities! 

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