Trap of ‘NO-No’

Trap of ‘NO-NO’  👀
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December 3, 2020

Change is the only permanent thing in life, and that’s not the change in your pocket. A habit, primarily a bad one, becomes deeper and deeper and a ‘tattoo’ on the false you. Change for the better is always an option. The society, especially at this virus time, is masking the ‘yes smile’ that we use to see even passing by a stranger on the sidewalk. Apart from that, it’s good to ask yourself if you are a ‘no-no person’ with more often a negative attitude than positive? It’s easier to say ‘no’ than yes. I especially learned that on Wall St. when looking for business.

A few months ago, there was a man being restrained by police who said he couldn’t breath. The non secret to life is ‘breath’. We can survive without seeing, hearing, speaking, etc., but not without the ‘breath of life’! All that moves needs to breath. Not just to breath but to breath fresh  air for protecting health and the immune system. Everyone needs it, and from nature. At least an hour a day of healthy ‘nature’ breathing outside is better than an ‘apple a day’ while never breathing fresh air. 

There is a song at this time of year, ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ by the legendary memorable singer, Nat King Cole. Well, there are a lot of inner values even more important. Without breath, nothing is important. Today with the virus and ‘misinformation’ distributed my the media, the majority are in ‘lockdown’ from breathing fresh air, but opting for unneeded masks to block fresh air. No credible, objective so called expert would agree it’s necessary, especially walking alone in the fresh air.

The world of individuals needs much more love, and there seems to be a shortage in minds and hearts of how to get more. Being more informed on ‘goings on’ in the country with integrity is a good use of breath. Breath is best with freedom. Masking freedoms without deep understanding and research of ‘why’ is to put the ‘breath’ in fear, anxiety and needless ‘worry control’ from the ‘media with an agenda for personal ‘benefits’ while not being in the highest integrity.

Love is in the Air. What’s rarely said is that the ‘air is love’. That’s why ‘fresh air is important’ not to mention the art of breathing, which is called meditation to be in sync with your higher and spiritual self. We must never forget though that the body is the temple of that spirit of breath. Time to say ‘yes-yes’ more and kNOw it’s best!

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