Smoking Pot or Meditation?

Smoking Pot or Meditation? 🍹
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November 28, 2020
What goes around, goes around. It’s good to talk about anything. Sometimes we need to relax and have a beer or a good hit of weed. Most agree that it’s ok. Too much of anything seems to be a problem, most would agree. For those choosing neither, a relaxing stimulant, god bless them. It’s a confusing, stress full world for most. Things are changing at alarming rates and the speed of that is out of control. WE need to keep all of our ‘mechanisms’ in top working order especially our mental, emotional, spiritual, and common sense working at top notch. 

Any psychological professional would agree that there can be too much beer or too much

weed consumed for personal inner growth. It’s counter to their trying to help free yourself from accumulated ‘flotsam’ floating in the brain and heart. However, it pays the bills and all the luxuries that are gifts from the profession.


Now there is another ‘backup method’ to what stimulates the mind that all sensible, honest, informed professionals of mind or religion like to avoid talking about, or especially promote. That ‘back up method’ is methods of life’s greatest gift, ‘breathing’ or the ‘art of breathing’, sometimes called ‘meditating’ techniques … or meditation. Meditation was unheard of in America until the 2nd half of the 20th century. Stimulants precede our  founding fathers as a ‘quick fix’. Now days it’s so quick, some nefarious souls drop it in others drinks for ‘mind control’. It’s kind of like ‘pulling the rug out from under you’ where you lose all control of the mind, and other faculties.

Dancing can become a form of meditation where the dancer becomes the dance and with a natural loss of the mind. Many happenings can become the gift of pure awareness, … and naturally. Meditating frees the heart and mind, and deeply from all prior distractions or impediments to being the ‘free you’ void of all unnecessary fear and control. Meditation brings you up with no down. It’s not a temporary blanket … and it’s free. That’s why the ‘shrink’ avoids bringing it up. In the case of the ‘religion head’, they know, (Or … maybe don’t know it?) frees the need for religion and it’s ‘beliefs’. Beliefs can and do become a ‘drug’ or stimulant. Someone just said to, me if ‘mistletoe’ can be a meditating devise? Hmmm? Well love and especially deeper love is a meditation, and maybe the ‘deeper love’ is all that’s needed. Stimulants are quick picker uppers. What makes you up, will bring you down. Meditation is a clearing of what’s not really you into a natural inner joy and bliss. And, it’s free!


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