Boots on the Ground

November 1, 2020

Everyone is really good at a few things, and better than most sometimes by a lot. All of us are not good at most things, and we need to acknowledge that and soften the ego. The list of what I’m not good at would take a few books to list. Take a look at what you are likely better at than almost anyone, surely there are things! I’m in an elite category in 3 or 4 things especially – playing backgammon, public free speech, relationships as a spiritual journey, me ….and I’ll stop there.

So … ‘boots on the ground’ is a military term for ‘slugging it out’ in the thick of conflict. Used in a non military way, it’s a dedication to a purpose with acute attention and intention to be the best or among the best at what ever it is you are doing. Could be anything from cooking to intellect quotient to being lazy to sports to fixing things to ‘you name it’ and you could be at the top of the pyramid. Always focus on the positive things you are best at, or desire to. 

Love is a battle field If you pick the wrong one to love, or just maybe YOU have been the wrong one? If you’re waiting for love, you’re not going to get very far. The only thing permanent is change. If love is a ‘battle field’, it’s because with you’re falling into love and end up getting wrecked in the fall, and the culprit is both of you, the other, or just you. In any case, whether the pitcher hits the rock or the rock hits the pitcher, it’s going to  be bad for the pitcher. And, you’re the pitcher!

New love can be an ‘airhead’ trip where the heart takes over the mind in what’s a Wall St. term, ‘a friendly takeover’ where the details of each others past becomes put in the closet ’til the unresolved issues open the closet door and expose themselves. Then, the boots of love are on the ground probably for the length of the connection, unless ways are used (meditation and mindfulness)  and are deployed to ‘rise the love to the ethers’ that are there waiting for ‘dual’ action. Everything worthwhile needs the appropriate sensitivity and care to grow and maintain it’s ultimate position.

Life need not be picking up the crumbs of a broken connection with yourself and/or another, when paying attention with discernment, the ladder to nirvana is waiting lonely within. Let go of any ‘philophobia’s’ or the condition where a person fears the idea of ‘letting go’ and merging with the fullness of love. Submit to it, and then if real and vulnerable, the surrender comes in silently in the form of divine and limitless love.

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