Mask Mania!🤡
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Welcome to your life! Yesterday in the center of downtown Portland, Oregon at my 100’ free speech display, I encountered a few separate Christians who were eager to proselytize their literal interpretation of the Bible. I’m always positive and encouraging, but best open to ‘dialoging’ with any Christian, as I feel strongly supportive even though my soul sister, Acharya is the leading female ‘mythicist’ in the world with ad hoc evidence from deep research that all characters of religion are ‘archetypes’. Belief is a mask to ‘knowing’, and belief without questioning and examination can be a mask

People wear invisible masks, as those Christians did to questioning outside of what is written according to their interpretation. Telling each of them that I love Jesus even though he’s an archetype as the world’s most positive example, only met with preaching and no dialog or curious questions. The millions of people who are wearing masks during the ‘covid’ scare while   walking alone in public are not only physically wearing a mask but have an invisible one of not doing deep, credible, research on the subject of the pandemic relative to all aspects of it.

‘Critical thinking’ removes the masks of deception in all facets of life ignoring the art of uncovering truths that hide behind the ‘popularly’ assumed answers, that upon deep examination reveal far more answers that seeing without deep thought. 

The, sadly, greatest mask is the mask of avoiding ‘love’s deep, everlasting blisses and splendors. The tunnel of love has marginal light until you go through the ‘tunnel’ and into the light where one is out of the darkness of love’s energy forever. The tunnel of love is a mask that few open all vulnerabilities of the heart to see and have in their being the key to unconditional, incorruptible love. The mind is not capable of more than ‘feel bytes of love’ without knowing that the wide open heart is a lifting of the mask.

Life has many masks to protect each of us from what our minds are not ready to assimilate and cast off the barriers. Sad to say, but a pet dog has less of a mask than do most people who insist on keeping their past ‘trauma mask’ on to protect their unresolved issues. The mask then is a protection until one has the courage to march into love in the name of a heavenly cause. That cause is what each is entitled to in this life. The spiritual search is to expose the many masks by letting them go when the mind and heart meets the answers on the road of self entitlement through letting go the mask of unrealization. Love is free is the mask of ‘not letting go’ is released. 

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