Can’t Get Enough.. 😮
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October 16, 2020

If you’re waiting for love, you’re not going to get very far unless… heart over mind, life will chew you up if you’re just going to hang around waiting for the miracle of love. Is waiting, what is already hidden in plain site inside you, counterproductive? Many are a prisoner of themselves, be it self criticism, lack of optimism, focusing on the negatives of the past, and just 

letting go of the negatives which put you behind bars.

Looking for love is almost a sisyphean undertaking. From the ancient Greek of Homer’s Iliad, Sisyphus was sentenced to endless torture, and he has been portrayed as trying to push a huge rock up a mountain only to get near the top where he always slips back never able to reach the top. Like love, a toll can be taken by letting you down. Catching love can be like chasing a rainbow or trying to catch a housefly with your hand, or like short-order cooks  slinging hash in a diner. Know you’ve already got it, six to eight inches below your chin.

I’m not surprised some people are ready to chuck the whole chasing love thing  and spend their energies thinking about something more pleasant, like hockey fights. Like with anything in search of, one must stay the course. Looking for love can take its toll. Mixed love sometimes needs a holiday. Real deep love though is a holiday that never ends. Missing the mark of real love and wanting it but not opening your heart in the search is like needing hip boots and a machete as you’re wading your way through the barrier you’ve created while settling on love’s substitutes.

The devil hangs in negativity and the mind, with a heart that gets little attention but needless suffering. The prison of love is prison from love, that is living habits that don’t nurture the opening of the heart. Creeping negative habits and the chasing of material and mind satisfactions puts the quest for love in the unattended dark. Not getting enough of desires is walking in the opposite direction of seeing where love is hidden waiting by your attention. Always, being on the run for anything but what will release you from that prison is to always be like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain, until one day the futility will dawn on you that it’s the barriers that blind you to seeing and feeling that love is already within you waiting to grow with your letting go of all that creates a prison. Be free and love arises.
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