Road to Hell

Road to Hell ⚒️️

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 October 10, 2020

Have you strayed on the way, and are on the road to Hell? Oh, No!…you just might be on that road to Hell? Wake up and turn around, before there is no way back! The road to Hell is a great big jammed freeway on a rainy, stormy night where you’ll never reach home again. You may not have expected it, but has your life been filled with negativity and apathy to follow the high roads of life. If life stops today, have you filled it with positive actions, blessings for others, and the love of yourself?

Back when, one early rainy night I walked down Wall St. where I worked, I had a feeling in my being that this narrow, short road was ultimately a road to Hell as much as I enjoyed it. It was days before Christmas, and I was headed to a company Christmas celebration at the World Trade Center’s ‘Windows on the World’ 107 stories up over the world and New York City. Out of the crowded room mixed with people from my company and our wealthy clients from law firms,  investment banks, and corporations came a surprise unexpected guest from one of the law firms…a girl I had been engaged to a couple months before, came toward me. She wore a   blue fox coat with a big greeting smile. 

Our encounter only lasted another month, but at that moment as we looked through the night rain out into the magnificent city, I felt that I had reached heaven. A few years went by, remembering that night, I sat out on my 40th floor balcony overlooking Central Park and skyscrapers the day after Christmas, a vision came over me that working in the great city of New York was a road of riches, and maybe a road to Hell. A couple months later I left that road and climbed the stairs to a new life of meditation, giving, and enjoying a simpler life of nature’s riches. The new life began in California, can’t say it’s all been California and West Coast dreamin’, but giving up the ‘high flying’ opened up living on the ‘freeway’ of life to the road least traveled.

Is it the stairway to Heaven? Is there even a Heaven but within? Always climbing to the most heartfelt option is in a sense, ‘a stairway to Heaven’. The stairway is not crowded but open to everyone who opens their heart and journeys up to the valley of the rich in heart. The doors are open and the stairway always beckons waiting for you to move in the direction of the light above. Life has choices…with awareness and discernment of the most conscious path the best answers are forthcoming. 


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