Friendlines 🍂 🌺
October 7, 2020
A baby is friendly and without judgment. What happened on the journey to becoming a big baby, or instead someone who finds reasons to find the good in all, and peacefully smiles from within? It’s not important how you lost that peaceful friendliness to all, it’s why haven’t you used your quest for life and positiveness within to let go of hanging on to the ‘woe is me’s’, and instead risen to the top of who you really are? That ‘who you really are’ is seeing that you are among the finest, evolved example of humanity that has ever existed!
Letting go of all past negatives, you’ll find a summer breeze within in a moments notice. Initiating personal judgments on others is a warning sign that you are stuck in your selfishness and denial that only makes you feel better, while ignoring the darkness within. Self deception is a losing trick that can become a habit of protecting your denial of bad personal and social habits.   
Do you start arguments by putting another on the defense rather than focus on a smooth dialog where contentiousness has disappeared. Dialog is an art. Those who have ‘hate within’, even if it’s about religion or politics or toward someone that made you unable to deal with what resulted in your anger, need find a way to fly beyond and over the negatives of the past. Life brings negatives as challenges to create strength to move beyond them and grow. True friendliness, even a soft quiet one, is an open heart to best give and receive the energy of all. 
Taking another’s positivity and right to dialog with you is an act of selfishness that only you can fix, own it, and then be mindful of every step that isn’t from the heart.
Many are conditioned by habit to argue such that they will even create the fire of discord with the most innocent. The most beautiful thing in life is being destroyed before our eyes. That is the beauty of love and caring. It has been said that “love is a many splendored thing,” and that may be an understatement, as to what more defines the human spirit than love? 
Today, many people are wearing useless masks while walking, bike riding, or even being alone in cars. They are told not to get close to any other; they are voluntarily, for the most part, locking themselves inside home prisons, and are not even allowed to work or be with co-workers. People are becoming unrecognizable zombies, frightened of all strangers, friends, and even family. Romance and passion are shunned. So many have acquiesced to this travesty that now most all communication is via a cold and impersonal computer screen. Mindfulness of the best information on dangerous viruses with common sense, of course, is wise. Don’t let fear hide deep inside your mind. Friendliness is love, and needs to have a resurgence that the world has never seen into a new man and woman of superconsciousness of mindful, heartfelt behavior that becomes the Savior of life and love. 



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