Love Jail

Love Jail

December 27, 2020

I discovered a way to keep you from ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ with little success. Does it work? Only with your help!

Time is speeding up in a ‘laser like speed’. Because of technology, you wear your past that can be accessed and read out by artificial intelligence techniques, especially the negative. Your past, if you have a criminal record, for example, will soon show up on a screen in many businesses and places you enter. In fact, for a small sum, there will be businesses where you can check on a persons criminal past by scanning.

Given that knowledge of how the past can be exposed for the world to see, it behoves everyone to know that you can personally measure your past ‘love history’ into a ‘resume’ too. The good news is that you can use proven methods to leave unfulfilled love experiences behind and move forward to open up into a new and deeper love. It’s time to come out from undercover, and with love you never knew you had! Actually, it’s quite easy, and yet seemingly impossible. To start, first make the decision to go on that journey of self discovery. Each step will open up the methods you need. 

One of the first steps after making that commitment is to let go of the attachment to the past, and at the same time seeing what that is in terms of ‘love’ you have experienced,  and be able to measure it. There are many areas in life’s abilities that can be measured ‘quantitatively’ like in sports, scholastics, health, and believe it or not, how much love you have experienced with giving and receiving in past relationships beginning with ‘parenting’. Most fear intimacy with love for reasons of unresolved issues from the past that show up as blocks of fear such as abandonment, abuse, insincerity, and just not knowing what real love is.

Begin, after making the decision to increase ‘love ability’, to examine where you’ve been with love, and measure it like a ‘love IQ’, or better put an EQ or ‘emotional quotient’. Intellect quotient has little to do with your ‘EQ’. EQ can be substantially improved with focused intent, and at any age, although the sooner the more likely you’ll move up the ‘love step ladder’. My focus in writing is ‘relationships as a spiritual path’, and from my very insightful experiences. All my ‘essays’, and from experience, are available for free. In addition, I can show you how to find your EQ in relationships so as to begin the narrative of moving the experience to higher levels. Clear the way to greater love within, and find the superconscious love you have waiting for your key to unlock the heart, all the time. It’s a godlike journey to begin the new year. You have a best friend, it’ll just take a little time to find it’s secret hiding place – within your heart! Put yourself on a ‘pedestal of love’! Falling in love comes with hurts, ‘rising in love’ moves to higher planes. Get out of the love jail free!

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