Marriage Collapse 🆘 
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October 3, 2020


Love is a tricky thing – it even pretends to be more than it is without the pretender even knowing they are. One’s biology gives off excitement from the mind and physiology to create a psychological state of a temporary feeling of euphoria in the moment that either disappears or if it goes deep, it’s always there. 

Love for most seems like a hamster wheel that goes round and round, but is going no where. Love is more than a Christmas present under the tree, but endless presents in the present that keeps flowing through all life’s ups and downs, sometimes as a pick-me-upper, or something to brighten your day or give you an energy boost, especially useful when you can’t spare time for a lunch break during a long day of work.

Love collapses when it’s weak and needing a more open heart as well as the acknowledgment  that it’s needed with the effort to open it more. A focused intent may be enough to seize the opportunity to stop and see that miracles can come from being in the heart.  Marriage is the culmination of an urge on the verge of a merge, but remembering to keep that urge there when needed for a booster shot of love. Love can end before it even really starts for many who bask in the new presences of emotional euphoria without realizing that, that state of heart feelings will be replace by where you really were with love of your inner self.

Strong love never collapses even if the union with someone appears or does end. There never is an ending of real love, but only a new beginning that always starts here and now. Does love lose all validity for how it ends? It might, of course, though endings don’t easily erase history; rather, they seal it. Wherever the beloved is the love in your heart is endless and always ready to feel the affair within your heart. Love always sees the bright side of the other even if a ‘love storm’ happens. 

No one is perfect until you fall in love with them or better said when you rise in love with them through thick and thin. Love is the sixth sense which destroys all your other 5 senses. Let love for another be more important than your own happiness. Giving from the heart feeds the heart to welcome in the ‘love is in the air’. Love is the air and the breath of life. Come live in the heart and pay no rent. Love needs no mask or social distancing from itself.
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