Truck Stop 🆘 
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October 1, 2020

While I worked at Wall St. as a Corporate VP of sales, I learned many things that apply to life. One of them, with many interpretations, is always aim for the best, and seek the highest option. NEVER waste time selling to someone who can’t buy, for all they can say is NO. Pick the people who can say yes or do something. Consider starting at the top with CEO’s, Financial Executives, etc. who can direct you, and maybe introduce you to a person who can say ‘yes’. Don’t try to sell to ‘Security’ or blame them for things. Go to the top. To be the best or get best results, aim high and higher. 

The violent demonstrators happening in many major America cities currently are pawns for those who control the  money. There are 614 billionaires, a small percent of those control what’s happening for more control, money and to make the common person subservient to them as total as possible – the new slave.The violent demonstrators are attacking the wrong people and ruining thousands of  smaller businesses so the billionaires can scoop them up while looking forward to AI technology to robotize millions into a ‘less freedom slavery’. Attack the top, and with skill, compassion, and concern for the 100’s of millions of ordinary people.

Life is more than a ‘truck stop’! On a personal basis, use the same idea of clearing the way for the best ‘you’ to arise in all circumstances, and especially for love beginning with bringing out the love for yourself hidden within you. Avoiding the love within you is easy, common, and generational from perhaps the beginning of time. It’s time to change that. Your mother and mine naturally felt a deep love in those first moments of seeing you for the first time, and it seems that each new born innately is gifted to feel a certain, trusting love too. 

Often the love between two people is like a ‘truck stop’ or a temporary moment of heart madness. Why abandon love, making the same mistake day after day and sometimes walking away from life’s greatest gift with no looking back. It’s said, we should never look back. Always look back at love and let it be part of filling your heart in the moment. Wherever you find love, it’s always the same ‘presence’ of the love within yourself. I once had a ‘very special love’ a few years ago turn to me on a moonlite walk in Santa Monica, Ca as we neared the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean turn to me and say, ‘whoever you have been with…it’s always me 

The last thing you need is to not have what you need! Make right, positive, higher decisions.

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