Trust Love Sometimes

Trust Love – Sometimes  😍

September 14, 2020

Believing in something or someone also includes doubt. When you ‘know’, there is no doubt.

Trust is pretty ironclad, but still short of knowing. You know that the sun up there is coming out everyday even if it’s behind the clouds. Is it what’s been referred in the Bible as the ‘Son of God’! For God’s son, it requires ‘belief and faith’. For the ‘sun of our life’ it is and doesn’t even require knowing just as when two people are both mutually in a deep love. Trust becomes a superfluous word as there all doubts disappear.

Do you worry about the future? The future is unknown, uncertain and unpredictable, so instead of worrying about it, start trusting life a little bit more. Trust that everything that happens, happens for your growth. Trust that life knows your potential and it will nurture you. Trust that life works for you and with you, no matter how things work out. Trust your future and this may help you to make the most of life as it happens. Every moment is a new opportunity.  Sometimes that opportunity takes time.

The covid virus, which is changing the world at the moment, is real. So is the  exploitation of it to suppress our freedoms, weaken our country and destroy the economy. Few challenges in American history have been more incompetently or malevolently managed than the coronavirus. In certain states it’s being used as a pretext to expand their powers and oppress their people, it has been weaponized in a fashion unseen in almost 250 years of American history. Not a serious pandemic to manipulate information on which happens on mainstream news.

Opening the heart is a virtue and a power too. The open heart and mind tells us that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that we get over there one step at a time. The heart in union with the mind teaches us not to rush. Knowing that there is a reason and a season for everything that enables us to smile at the challenges, realizing that there is an answer to every problem. And, even though we cannot see it, there is awareness that within every crisis lies an opportunity.

Does love lose all validity for how it ends? It might, of course, though endings don’t easily erase history; rather, they seal it. Don’t let the sometimes confusing light of your evolvement stop you from opening your heart and mind. Individually and collectively we can all change the world, it’s all up to you letting go and claiming the light within you. Just as the highest tower needs a deep  foundation, so too our higher thinking and deeper feelings create a tower of love within. Arhata~

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