Sound of Silence 🍂 
Inline image Above is the Hawthorne bridge I push my stored ‘free speech display’ over most days to the center of Portland, Or.
November 24, 2020

Sometimes what doesn’t happen is more fascinating than what does happen. In the Beginning was NOT the word, nor a sound to be heard. ‘In the Beginning’ was the ‘sound of silence’. Likewise still today it’s the best state of the busy, chattering mind that needs to be emptied for best results of hearing the sound of silence. In this rapidly advancing techno world, we are too busy to just be, and open the heart while letting go of everything that doesn’t add to feeling life’s blisses.

Yet these are times when, in between the silences, each needs to spend quality time seeing what’s going on that strangles the opportunity to be alone in the joys of love and blissfulness. Those who are paying attention to what’s going on are not getting it from the TV, or are being too busy to seek out those who provide ‘truthful information of the facts’. Those sources of credible news are primarily on the internet for those seeking the truth to find.  Popular ‘Fast food’ information is not healthy, and filled with ‘misinformation or that which is selectively censored’. Be discerning…this is no longer a time for good citizens to just ignore what’s going on without deeper critical thinking.


Life today is easy if you pay attention to the complications that seemingly arise non stop, much of it in the form of increasing information and technology on the computer or otherwise. It’s not wise to attach yourself to the achievements of the worldly solely while paying little attention to growth within that lays asleep if not given an impetus of nurturing both heart, mind, and soul.

Silencing of the mind is as important as nightfall and being born every morning into a fresh new beginning. God or the universe is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no flowers, there would be no green trees, only deserts. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no song in life, no dance in life—only desolation. God is not an ascetic or proponent of ‘acedia’ meaning the apathy for life. God is always in movement enjoying life and giving from within to help others flower. 

The Cherokee people are known for their penetrative and ingenious native wisdom. This simple Cherokee tale (see below) crystallizes just what it means to be human, and inspires us to face the future with courage and strength. Take responsibility for who you are, your habits, attitude, and how you appear to those who are close to you. A house is not a home without heart~

The Tale of the Two Wolves: One Good, One Evil…


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