Love’s Lies

August 30, 2020 

Love between couples is a great thing especially the deeper it is such that it can never be changing or ‘not there’ even though change is said to be the only permanent thing. The universe right down to us humans works best if things are in ‘love’, which I also call harmoniously positioned. Everything works best in it’s most sensitive position be it the placement of the planets including the sun, moon, stars, the tides of the earth to a carpenters positioning of building pieces and everything imaginable in between including the love between 2 people. 

Love between couples is the strongest spiritual experience of energy in the heart possible each depending on the other for the eternal flame of love consciousness. Typically most all feel love moments, but often only in times of love lost or missing, thinking that they know love when it’s  only a love parachute that opens when a shock wave opens more than the mind can handle. The heart is a safety net that lets you know love is there, but then it’s back to the cerebral of the mind. The heart likes to be protected if it’s not nurtured for openness. 


People are often like the ‘Tin Man’ in the book movie, The Wizard of Oz. The tin man is missing a heart. Through strange happenings a young girl from Kansas with her pet dog Toto is led on a magical, illusionary journey in an unconscious, dream state where she meets three strange characters also looking to get back to their mythical home: the Tin Man looking for a heart, the Scarecrow looking for his brains, and the ’cowardly lion’ seeking more courage. In a mythical, magical journey they each overcome obstacles using their new found heart, brains, and courage to come home to the land of oz. Dorothy awakens back to her home in Kansas. 


The story is allegorical for each to realize that we need a balance of heart, brains and courage to find our home or the love within. Too much in the brain, or too much in the heart with little in the brain doesn’t work very well for a deep love. Courage and a willingness to seek The Wizard of Oz within, moving past the limits we self impose, brings each of us home to the ‘land of love’ within to find the glory, joy, and the great sense of being that is our ‘right of life’ at its best (and is out strength in times of challenge). The lies of love are a case of missing the real balance within that endures forever in life and beyond.  Brains can both be a hindrance to love fulfillment and yet with courage and willingness to move through and let go of the obstructions… to find love has been there all the time!


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