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Trapped as You ?

Trapped As You(?🤷
August 4, 2020

Open, relaxed, friendly, compassionate, joyful YOU! Or how about the contrary, accept me as I am, not interested in changing or improving, and you adapt to my personality type? Everyone is unique to themselves, even identical twins as much as they may be alike, there are differences. Infinite characteristics start in the unborn from the DNA of the parents and their characteristics inherited. Then characteristics sometimes come as a mystery like the child prodigy who is gifted at music, and with no known inherited talent explanations from known lineage. There are mysteries that defy logic, or so it seems.

One of the puzzling things in people are the ones who always remain the same with little of the positive qualities for pleasant interaction. At a very young age, who they were continues with no cognizance of the need to make changes for positive personal or social interactions, in many it seems to set and often is elected to be unchangeable.  

The question becomes how to handle rigid personality types that vacillate between positive and negative? One thought is, so they have substance abuse problems? In case they do, learn to set boundaries and ‘harmoniously position’ yourself to them so as not to be the victim of their ‘difficult to deal with characteristics’. In this way, it’s easier to  manage their negatively perceived idiosyncrasies. Some of these people, will be a light in your life, if you can find within yourself the art of tuning into them. 

An example of tuning into someone who is often rigidly negative for me was when doing the NY Wall St. thing and having clients, attorneys, and investment bankers come into our offices to work on a ‘deal’, such as an ‘initial public offering’, I had a very irascible, sometimes obnoxious, judgmental in house expert to make sure that deals got done perfectly. He was great. The other marketing VP’s didn’t get along with him and vice versa. I made a point to be his friend and tune into him. Within a year I became the #1 sales person, and had ‘head hunters’ seeking other opportunities for me. Took a job in Dallas as head guy in a startup office for a large financial outfit in our field.

Tuning in to each unique person is an art that often is profitable. Chances are, no one else really tunes into them, and secretly they harbor lots of rejection … of course, rarely do they not create their own problems but are trapped in lugging around negatives from the past. A key to a better life is giving more love and receiving it, and ultimately the result is a ‘release from the trap of the false you’. Always check into the heart energy  and with common sense. Another  real key is not to be your own  worst enemy AND not realize it. We create our own traps and how to be free of them!


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