Burn Baby Burn

Burn, Baby, Burn

Burn Baby Burn 🔥

 August 2, 2020

Oh my god, life’s an inferno, burning away moment by moment! Have you got enough to rise to the top of who you really are? Who are you? Why are you here? When are you going to burn the waste of the past? It’s not about you burning up, but lighting a fire to see the light of all the mysteries of life and your soul. You are always in your youth. You are the youngest you will ever be in this moment, and the good news is, every day you will be the youngest!

Always be moving into the light. Dark nights of the soul are quietly building the energy to move forward into the light. Hear and feel the sound of your heart and mind burning away what needs to be left behind. Feel the moments, heavy or light while knowing every moment is the right time to see the spirit of love is there for you to feel. You are only what you ‘drag along’ every day because you haven’t found out how to burn the umbilical cord to detach from the emotional illusion of what you haven’t let go of.

Just got off the phone with a good friend who is a veteran executive producer of many well known movies of the ’80 & ’90’s. He could have the ‘Dos Equis beer commercial’ title of the  man who claimed to be the most interesting man in the world – only thing, the actor was just acting. My Hollywood friend isn’t acting and for positive  and negative, he really could be the ‘most interesting man in the world’ for real. Sadly, a lot of that ‘most interesting’ is negative and self destructive. He just revealed to me that he has only one dream. Same one for years – no other. It’s all like a movie of his many bad experiences. I suggested, to no avail, that he could use meditation to let go and disconnect from the memories. Burn the attachment and be thankful he’s moved on having learned from mistakes into a new world ‘every day’. I’m not saying that was well received, but the opportunity is always there for anyone, it’s just being open and focused on seeing every moment as an ‘opportunity’. 

Burn the old memory books that are no longer you … unless you choose to punish yourself endlessly. Christians would say to ‘repent’. The non religion method of doing that is to become a deep meditator, and one you eventually elevate your spirit of ‘life and love in’. When you get hot on life and love, even one step at a time, the light of love burns brighter. You were born to be alive and choose the best moves, moment to moment. Nothing is a barrier, but your attached to illusions of the dark that are not the superconscious you.


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