Uninformed & Misinformed

Uninformed & Misinformed🤷‍♂️

 July 31, 2020

There is so much to learn, but if you just stay in ‘awareness and discernment of every move being among the best’, you could be better off than someone who knows more than anyone in the world (and with lots of wealth), but is short on the two character qualities mentioned. However, the world is often run on someone’s agenda that ‘colors’ every move, and sometimes not to your benefit. 

The willfully ignorant mindlessly ingest the ‘kool-aid’ given to them by compromised media outlets spreading or metastasizing like a cancer out of control. You can say to yourself ‘’what the hell do I care’’? The amalgam of dishonesty, ignorance, and irrationality. Today, more than ever in history with the whole world networking through social media (where allowed and/or not censored) and the means of communicating by the internet, each becomes individually responsible to be a participant in the ‘school of life’ of what’s going on, and how to influence it in the most positive ways possible. 

Deep thinking of arriving at the best means to clear the windows of the mind and heart to best see what’s real and what’s illusion or fake is called, ‘waking up’. The lights are on for the first time in life on the planet exposing everything for our awareness and discernment of the best  choices to pick. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the  newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”― Mark Twain

As people leaving their teens into what they choose for their career or not, few know what their choice will really be like. Having dealt with more than hundreds of corporate attorneys on Wall St., who worked 60 and more hours per week with incredible competition within the firm to be a ‘rainmaker’ and make Partner after 8 years, they usually said that if they knew how much freedom time they’d be giving up, another choice would have been made. Life choices are made in all aspects of life not realizing often the consequences that will tag them for the rest of their lives.

For most, their biggest career will be their personal life, and hopefully one where you don’t say, ‘’if I’d only known’’. The more conscious and at peace with who you are, the more likely, you will always make life changing choice that have been given lots of thought. When in matters of love, whether accepted or not, each usually makes choices that reflect their youth years whether it’s plusses or minuses influencing. Hopefully those choices are from an open, healthy heart and mind, however, be it one that hasn’t been, there is always a choice to fix all the negatives within, first. In other words, shaking off all negative barriers to see that you make well informed choices for the great, satisfying journey. 


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