It’s All in Your MInd

It’s all in Your Mind 🤷
July 25, 2020

Wisdom begins when you know that you know you are stupid or put ‘nicely’, that you know nothing. Doesn’t matter how smart you have proven to be at ‘some’ things. With most things, many others are smarter, and likewise they are ‘dumb’ relative to a lot of things. Not getting caught up in how smart you are is ‘smart’ (humble?)…and wise. Also, for those ‘stuck on self criticism’ of thinking they are dumb, well you’re smarter than the smartest person is in a lot of things.

If you need proof of how dumb you are, consider this – When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead.  The pain is only felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid!. Now, imagine a circle and in that circle imagine all the information you can ‘google’ in that circle. Does anyone know more than a hair of that circle? Maybe, not even!


How you handle emotional and spiritual matters is part of ‘being smart’, but often leaves behind those who thought they were smart. Not caring them around, especially with ‘bad habits’. Loving yourself deeply is all part of being smart. Keeping an open mind, is all part of being smart. All advanced positive characteristics are part of being smart. Letting go of all negativity is being smart. When we confront a problem or a difficult situation, we tend to face it with worry or negative thoughts. Although outwardly we might seem to face the situation, we are not able to deal with it. 


Most of the time we find that we are failing. The best way to deal with a situation is to start by calming the mind. Only a calm mind can find the answers to problems. I need to understand that every problem has an answer. When my mind is relaxed I can trust my intuition to find the answer that is already there. Think elevated thoughts and your thoughts become like stars.  Hold elevated thoughts in your mind, and thoughts, like stars, become bright and luminous. When your mind becomes like the clear starry night sky, your thoughts, like stars will brighten your mood and illuminate your world.

However, keeping all answers to everything in your mind weakens the heart’s offerings. We are coming closer to creating human robots who can have a ‘chip’ placed in their heads that can access all the answers we know and can find on ‘google’. Think about all the daily issues you encounter that can only best be answered by the ‘heart-mind’ melt! Can the mind always ‘let go’ without the heart’s love? One way or another you’re going to need more than’s even in the mind OR heart! The mysteries in life (call them God) are always there to help those who have faith beyond themselves. Bliss is free!
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