Stop! – Being You!

STOP! 🚨 Being you!
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 July 15, 2020

What is, isn’t. Life is perception. You are who you perceive yourself to be because you’ve bought into the lie. You are not your beauty or lack of it. You are not your social class or lack of it. You are not just anything you think you are, but you could ‘know who you are’. If you keep the past alive within you, you will be dead to the present. No living thing on the planet has the ability to THINK, like the human race who collectively doesn’t realize it’s ‘race time’ to be part of the advancing ‘human race’.

Do you encourage those close to you to treat you less than they could because of you carrying unresolved issues? Do you project any negative childhood behavior on another, even one who has little or no ‘luggage from the past’. I once met and subsequently lived with a very attractive girl who who also exuded positivity that came from her ‘real self’. As the months wore on, another side seeped out that reflected early negative conditioning. Nothing much compared to many, but a slow shift into her false self. We separated after a couple of years knowing each  other. and are light friends today as she has become famous in her medical practice. 

The question of asking myself, did I contribute something unresolved  even though I meditated, and was like an athlete who conditioned to be the best he could be, except with positivity? After a couple months of amicable separation, I met another woman who also was her ‘real self’ in meeting her. Remarkably, she ‘never’ changed for one moment less than the real beauty that resides in each of us. A love affair never stops, and one melting into synchronicity continuously is like the all time winner of TV’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Drop self judgment that serves only the negative. Be free of the negative projections within. You are you, and not who you’ve taken on…at least in its entirety. You have ‘changed from who you really are’. Take with you what you love about ‘now’ and ‘chuck out the rest’ – it’s called, letting go to be the ‘real perfect like you’. We are all equal in our superconscious state.

Where you are at, and have been at, if it works for you…well…add a little more topping to it!

Let meditation and mindfulness dance together. Get over the word ‘God’ and see it as your breath, love, and beyond…non stop! There’s is a song, ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ – turn the word ‘dog’ around and see you are it’s creation – just let go and let the ‘real you’ out! Kinda like being ‘Born Again’!



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