Closeness Meditation

Closeness Meditation 🙌

July 8, 2020

To be close with your best self is to be in meditation which otherwise is known as ‘inner self love’. To be in the space of inner bliss is a secret that only another in that space can see and feel it. Think of tennis … want to be a best player who can play with a top player instead of having that best play (if you can find one ) more than one game with you? Usually it’s because they have more joy with someone at their best level, or they will quickly lose interest unless in a rare case that they see you are listening and being open to improving.

Being surly about your personal unresolved problems and expecting anything but the ‘same ole same ole’, and in time worse, is not only a pipe dream, but a clogged one that is just running in place. Humans are stubborn and make poor friends with their enemy. That major enemy is within – love your enemy. At best it’s a ‘frenemy’ that lurks in selfish malcontent, looking for love in a deeper and deeper rabbit hole. In the light of submitting to the heart, a mysterious surrender comes from seemingly nowhere to anoint the soul with self love forever.

Always be you! Your mind is like you with clothes. If the clothes are not right for you and make  you feel uncomfortable, wear the clothes that make you happy -it’s still you! You are more than  the negative experiences, and for healthy, loving living they need to be emotionally unattached from. The memories can still remain even if they take on a sense of unreality. The mind has ‘locks’ for repression or bar like jails where the mind often feels it’s been sentenced for an endless term. The key to be free is first of all is being committed to ways to make the mental/emotional prisons something no longer affecting your life of happiness within a clear you.

Unless you know and love yourself intimately, your life is part of the mass of billions of others. Why live in a world of ‘fractured self’ that ages into a deeper chasm of that which has wasted much of what is before you. This gifted lifetime is uniquely filled with how you can reach the enlightened life than ever before. Open heart meeting open heart on a continuing never changing basis happens when both are living in the moment, and will happen 100% of the time when self love meets self love. Love is so beyond words and thoughts, it is a ‘presence’ that soothes life in healing, joy and bliss. Be close within you and feel the aura of bliss. 

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