Unmask the Mind

Unmask the Mind

June 11, 2020

The mind is a ghetto. Escape from the ghetto and unmask it to see that you are really a superconscious, loving, joyful special being who has accumulated lots of unpleasantries that you cling to in memory rather than using proven techniques to detach from them. Carrying

unnecessary negative emotions around about all your life makes you unsuitable for any close relationship beginning with yourself.

There is no power greater than the no-mind. There is no anger, jealousy, conflict, hate, greed, etc. the mind becomes like a clear blue sky with no clouds. Thoughts have no power of their own, it’s your attachment to them that gives them energy. When you are just watchIng the thoughts you are giving no energy to them, be they anger or whatever negative thoughts. The thoughts become impotent and have no impact on you. It becomes non identification birthing to a sense of freedom in the heart and mind that you’ve only seen glimpses of. Each of us deserves the clear skies of the mind and heart as much as possible.

Memories bring back memories particularly with no discernment for the ones that don’t feel good to the mind and heart. It seems more and more humans are unable to communicate even with their own minds. Strangely the world is ironically obsessed with phone and internet communication allowing you to hide from more than pixels on white backgrounds.

Be the ‘bell weather’ for others to follow your lead in clearing the paths for communication without barriers. Life isn’t your enemy, but your thinking can be a bell weather for others to follow. ‘Love your enemies’, but see the first one is behind your mask. The mind is a mechanism it has no intelligence. It is a robot. The mind is a memory system not unlike ‘google’ for searching for knowledge, but not your original intelligence. The mind is a great asset, but at the same time a great enemy of seeing who you really are behind it’s mask.

In meeting the public with my free speech displays for the past 26 years, while keeping my ear to the ground, I continue to feel that at least 90% of humanity are too busy chasing ‘this and that’ to see that the world, through rapidly booming technological advancements, is passing them by. The new world has moved far beyond their personal and societies evolvement. Sadly, I’m not even sure they neither understanding that or know what to do to ‘adjust’. The ‘so called educated’ for the most part are as much as anyone like sheeple wearing masks and earplugs, thinking life is a game. Life running on a treadmill is going no where. However, it’s best to have ‘hope’ and feed it with positive, evolving steps. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the real godly divine is always waiting for you! Meditation removes the mask clogged with hurts and negatives to an authentic freedom. Reframe yourself! Let go of the mask!

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