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 May 17, 2020

Any amount of love shines a light on the dark. Dark love is different than one in the dark. Love can have a gap between a flicker of love and the continuing presence of the light of love. I’ve termed it lovenlightenment and lovenlightened of where love meets itself and where the gap in experience disappears. Within all love is a fight except when the gap between light and dark disappears. Love has unnecessary pain tied to it when there is a gap in total intimacy between a couple, be it in both (normally) or in one. 

By the time one arrives to adulthood, one is most often set in their ‘love quotient’ which rarely changes. No one though has to be stuck or blocked in their heart. There are of course reasons why the heart and mind are blocked. Lack of love and/or traumas from even before birth have  inherent blocks. Traumas or a lack of love will repress fears of closeness and intimacy that won’t go away without letting go of the attachment to them. That will take love and patience. Different types of meditation as well as loving communication can create a ‘detachment’ to put one at the starting gates of deep love. 

Imagine a rosebush with many unopened blooms with only a few that ever open vs a rosebush in full blossom. Like the rosebush needing the right care,  love needs your vulnerability, while letting go of fears. Love for most is a battleground becoming a ‘broken love’ that anesthetizes from growth to seek deeper love. Real love that is all consuming comes with openness of the heart. Hold your head high and love is always ready to come even if you’re alone. Don’t lie down and die or chase outer desires leaving the heart alone or broken without healing. Look for love to blossom and survive.

Accept that you have within you all the love that can be. Life brings many challenges, some you will be unprepared for. Love helps open awareness and capability to handle all situations much better than with weak or no love. Check out from the negatives of the past and check in to your heart. Give love undivided attention over any success, for love of your inner self is the greatest success.

If you are blessed to couple with someone, let it be a reciprocal affair for all seasons and challenges. Wherever love goes, never forget to use all the love possible for not only the one you love but for those who need it. Always know that the path of love is also the path of  meditation. Use meditation to fill the heart that needs more love in it. Take a chance on love and give it your heart while being confident that you have someone who will and can receive it with no limitations. Love is timeless.


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  1. Thanks for your heartful article, Arhata. Just one remark. How can love be dark? Сlouds may hide the sun, while the sun is always shining. Just like the sun, effulgent love cannot be dark. One should take off the sunglasses and open one’s eyes.

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