Censorship is Evil

Censorship is Evil   👀 
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 April 23, 2020

We are censored so that others can benefit. Censorship has many faces including twisting the story to benefit they who are just selfish. Censorship begins with not being honest with yourself and having blocking rules of communication. The world, down to the individual couple, is caged by what can’t be said and be honest about. Censorship controls relationships and in fact, all the world. Censorship is a two way street involving the speaker who fears or is prudent in what is said to the audience, and in return, the listener is reactive in some way to what’s said.

Being proper with what is said has a place and time especially with strangers. As a former corporate salesman, I can say that in business, when looking for a positive response from the prospect, word exchange is as important as on a first date hoping for a second one. Communication is the pinnacle of relationships, but for real communication there needs to be the freedom of both sides to have no limits to what can be expressed and with no fear of reaction.

To be able to not communicate freely is a form of mental slavery. Watch your self. Are you doing things to distract yourself from being your best self. Is your life working for you the way you   are? The world is created to distract ourselves from who we really are. Why let the mind be emoted with fears to relax and cleared instead being able say what you want and receive what anyone else has to say with courtesy and a dialog minimizing or eliminating any arguing. A sense of humbleness and light humor greases smooth communication. 

Always examine all aspects, both verbal and emotional of yourself with others. Accept that most have built in censorship in attempts at communication. Accept censorship if you have little choice and learn to develop an art of accepting what another has to say rather than resisting that leads to argumentation. Resistance leads to persistence. Whatever you resist or push against simply persists and pushes back in equal measure. Instead, transform resistance into acceptance by practicing “Que Sera, Sera … whatever will be, will be…” -It’s not rocket science. 

Always focus on not dividing yourself by being negative, at least without a positive intention. Avoid letting you fight with your higher side by being negative or censoring yourself at least for what another has to relate while honing the art of using ‘skillful means’ of communicate with anyone who has censoring listening barriers. Life loves harmony. It’s the spiritual thing to create it around us. 


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