Imprison the Tongue

Imprison the Tongue  📣
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 March 26, 2020

There is a time to censor what you have an urge to say! I’m an ‘urge’ guy to say what I think should be said, and doing ‘free of censorship’ free speech displays in public until this day for 27 years, especially on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles which was a gift of lifetimes for me! I’ve ALWAYS been someone who encourages, especially in relationships, for there to be nothing which can’t be said and revealed. Works great with an open minded compliant partner and is very healthy. But dangerous with most people!

Know what to say and when! Know when to say nothing. Whoever limits their speech to be in accordance with his actions will minimize their speech on that which doesn’t concern them. Do  

not speak about things that do not concern you, for indeed, every time that you speak a word,  it takes control of you and you do not have control of it. Don’t be a ‘motor mouth’ either who monopolizes conversations so that the other is allowed to say little. Be certain that your audience is wanting to hear what you have to say.

The tongue can be golden with positivity or be like a savage beast that needs to be locked up  or it will backfire against you. Silence can be both prudent and/or golden. Know when to stay quiet at the proper moment. The tongue can be like a snake that will bite you. The graveyards are occupied by many who did not guard the tongue.

Knowing when, how, what, and where to use the tongue to communicate is an art for the ears of the recipients who are sometimes as bad as a tongue with no manners. Reveal less and observe more. In my 20 years of Corporate/Wall Street sales, one definitely had to tune into the recipient for their possible continuing willingness to listen further. Control of the tongue, especially when trying to convince someone of what you and they may want might be like a snake charmer, but certainly in any case favorable to both the tongue person and the ear person.

Sometimes it’s not what you say but what your tone is, mannerisms, and actions to back up your words. Another way of saying it is, ‘do you walk your positive talk’? It’s not always what you say, but the little said, and the listening is the real gold of communication. Be wary of talking too much, and listening too little. The positive energy for the moment is healing and an attitude of gratitude. Timing and quality of communication is everything! Be part of making it a more loving world!


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