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Meet You!! 🌺
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 March 6, 2020

FEW MEET THE REAL THEM!  Imagine going through life thinking you’re someone you are not really. Time to wipe the mirror of the mind and heart clear while putting the rear view minor of the past clear of many winters ago when it’s now the Spring and Summer of your life every time you see what’s present, positive, and hopeful.. Few things worthwhile happen with the snap of your fingers. The  journey you’re on with now can, with that snap of your fingers, begin to change right now, right here.

You have all the techniques within to make the now and future as you can visualize it. First stop thinking you don’t. A simple technique of taking deep, slow breaths with lips closed and humming for a few minutes will give you an example of mind relaxation. You will feel different while doing and afterwards. It’s like a car’s windshield wipers clearing away the elements hitting you. Realize that we all can abuse ourselves while not using simple techniques to wipe that abuse use away.

Another simple technique that I’ve become more focused on the past year is to do a simple   ‘giving’ that we all can do, and that is to say hello in some form or other be it even just a smile to others. Make it a point to show acknowledgement gratitude to as many people as possible. It might even be in a supermarket by making brief eye contact with a comfortable smile or nod. Using others as an opportunity to give to them in anyway possible with a gesture, as a thank you, or many other techniques than create a karma of ‘well being’ and heart smiles within, be they ever so small. I do it, with people passing my free speech display and avoid making judgment at those who don’t show a response or appreciation.  My survey is that at least one out of five will either show a slight smile or say something back. It works to keep you in the moment and feeling a good sense. It’s like magic! It’s good energy karma coming back.

 Sometimes I play little games with people to get a laugh, like if I see someone walking a dog passing by, I ask them if that’s their dog, or bike or whatever, followed by a quick ‘just joking’. Often we both get a chuckle. Laughter is a good technique too. Try it for a few minutes when alone. Clearing the mind and keeping always focused on it, pulls the rug on the unnecessary negatives of the past that you need to let go of to heal previous wounds. Always be healing wounds so you can heal ‘you’, and help give the ‘how’s’ to others. You are the agent for god! Heal you to see that you have godliness within. If you have to choose between  being perfect or imperfect, remember imperfect is ‘I-m perfect!’ Relax and breath deeply – perfect! You are the writer and actor.
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